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Idaho Falls Smiles Chooses Symtec to Bring Responsive and Strategic IT Services and Support

Symtec brings responsive and strategic IT services and support to busy & frustrated dental team at Idaho Falls Smiles!

When the team of dental professionals at Idaho Falls Smiles were tired of dealing with the slow-moving and unresponsive tech support from their previous provider, Symtec arrived on scene to get things moving. Symtec provided Idaho Falls Smiles with a fully-managed IT service and support agreement, designed specifically to help them streamline processes while saving money and staying productive & secure.Symtec worked to optimize the Idaho Falls Smiles IT infrastructure by:


  • Replacing expensive hardware with cost-effective alternatives

    SymTec worked quickly to remove old infrastructure equipment that was outdated and
    expensive to maintain. They replaced the entire system with new and cost-effective Dell
    workstations for all team members – cutting hardware costs nearly in half for the dental team at Idaho Falls Smiles!

  • Implementing remote network monitoring and maintenance

    SymTec implemented their standard remote network monitoring and maintenance solutions to ensure there was a constant eye on the Idaho Falls Smiles system. This way, problems can be spotted before they have the chance to wreak havoc on the network.

  • Offering fully-managed IT services with hands on support

    When the SymTec team takes on a managed IT service agreement, they take their support role very seriously. SymTec now makes weekly in-person and hands-on support visits to ensure that Idaho Falls Smiles is fully-covered. SymTec is also sure to be available via remote chat to offer speedy support anytime they don’t have actual boots on the ground.

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The team at Idaho Falls Smiles has definitely noticed the SymTec difference.

Latesha Waters, from Idaho Falls Smiles says:
“Now we can get more done because our problems are taken care of fast! And, we’re saving money and benefiting from increased uptime, all because of SymTec’s quick ability to assist us!”
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