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What Are Managed IT Services And How Will Having SymTec As My Technology Management Team Help Our Business?

Managed IT Services have been the way many Information Technology companies have delivered services to their clients for the past decade and a half.

Managed IT Sevices

However, not every IT company has transitioned to being a “Managed Services Provider.”

SymTec offers Managed IT Services, but we feel our version is truly unique in Utah and Idaho, and something we don’t observe with other “Managed Services” companies in the local area.

Managed Services is built on the premise that an outsourced IT company, like SymTec, takes over the day-to-day management of a company’s computer network, security, and data backup services and charges a company a monthly fixed fee for this service.

We see this model now appearing in many industries – having an organization or an individual pay a fixed monthly cost for a service.

How does Managed IT Services from SymTec benefit you?

There are a lot of benefits to local businesses that have all their technical services being looked after by a team of highly trained systems professionals for a fixed monthly fee. Many companies still compare Managed Services to hiring their own internal IT person. The biggest benefit to hiring SymTec is that our entire team’s expertise in networking, wireless technologies, security, data backup, operating systems and more are available to our clients. With a single in-house technician, you are bottlenecked into what his/her experience is, and you still have to pay to bring in outside expertise to make up the difference.

Then there is the cost. Managed IT Services from SymTec are often on par compared to the cost of a single IT professional. You get an entire team working around the clock to ensure your business information systems are as streamlined as possible and if something would happen to fail, a dedicated team of Information Technology experts are there to help your company, much faster than having to rely on a single person.

There’s more. SymTec’s Managed IT Services Is Different.

SymTec goes one step farther than many of the Managed IT Services companies in Utah or Idaho. We are not in the hardware/software business. Unlike many of our peers, SymTec doesn’t force you to use a particular brand of computer, or buy a certain make of network firewall, or replace all your antivirus software with our solution. We fit into your box; we don’t force you to fit into ours.

We act as true “trusted IT advisor.” Our team will sit down with you to fully understand your wants and needs, and then source the best solutions available from many of the top technology vendors. We’ll compare prices, give you our recommendation and then, our clients complete the transaction. You don’t have to buy through us and pay our markup. Therefore, you get a much better deal.

What do you get when you hire SymTec as your Managed IT Services Company?

Besides the many years of experience we bring to the table and our expertise in providing Managed IT Services for many companies in Utah and Idaho, you get a trusted resource to help make sure all your computer systems are running, and are constantly monitored and kept up to date with all the latest updates and patches.

Your staff has a resource they can call with questions and/or issues that need addressing. This allows every staff member to get answers to their tech questions and also, remove technical breakdowns as a reason for productivity drops.

You get a trusted IT advisor who will work with you every day to make sure your goals and objectives are being met. An advisor who will steer you in the right direction and help you avoid potential pitfalls that can slow down your business operations.

SymTec and your organization work together.

Yes, we may be an outsourced IT department for your company, but we consider our team at SymTec to be an extension of your own staff. We are part of your company and work towards a single common goal – your business’ success.

Hire SymTec as your Managed IT Services company.

Don’t wait any longer. Book your no-obligation consultation with a SymTec Managed IT Services team member and learn more about Managed IT programs and how we can help your company. Use the form on the right-hand side of this page to book a call with our team, and let’s get started.