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IT Services For Accounting, CPA and Financial Services Firms

Does Your Accounting Firm Need A New IT Services Company?

The world of technology for today’s Accounting Firms has changed a lot from even just a few years ago.

CPA and Accounting Firms have unique technology requirements. Your staff needs constant access to their computer systems, and you need to ensure all files and records are secure. Computer networks have to be reliable, and all accounting software must be up to date and easy to access.

Accounting Firms or CPA Firms are completely dependent on technology throughout the entire firm. No longer is technology an afterthought. IT systems are fully integrated, from email solutions and phone systems, to file sharing and client record storage. Today, technology touches every aspect of an Accounting Firm from conversations with clients, submitting tax returns and financial information to the IRS and state-level treasuries, and working with client files.

SymTec has a deep understanding of how Information Technology impacts today’s Accounting Firm, and we have invested both time and resources to perfect our own skills to better serve the financial services and CPA market.

Why is SymTec The Best Choice For Accounting IT Services?

SymTec has many years of hands-on experience with the services and solutions that your accountants and support staff use every day. Our team of CPA firm IT consultants are the resident experts on many of the software solutions and even the hosted applications you typically use within your Accounting Firm, including:

  • Thomson Reuters
    • Ultratax CS
    • Fixed Assets CS
    • Practice CS
    • FileCabinet CS
    • Go File Room
    • Accounting CS
  • Wolters Kluwer
    • CCH Prosystem FX
    • CCH Prosystem FX Engagement
    • CCH Axcss Suite
  • Intuit
    • QuickBooks
    • Quickbooks Online
  • Drake
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Sage Peachtree
  • Virtually any other accounting software or end-user solution

Our role as the outsourced IT department for many of the top Accounting Firms throughout Utah, Idaho, and the Western United States has allowed our staff to experience many different scenarios and build on this experience to service our entire client base.

SymTec is the “Trusted Technology Advisor” to many CPA firms, bookkeeping companies, and financial firms in the United States.

SymTec’s Role With Financial Services Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Don’t trust the IT support of your Accounting Firm to just any computer fix-it shop. Today’s financial compliance and regulatory standards require a CPA firm to have extensive checks and measures in place, and technology touches almost every level of these mandated requirements.

Your CPA firm must have a technology consulting organization who understands industry compliance and regulations. SymTec has extensive knowledge of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and can help implement the right procedures and protocols required to keep your organization onside with compliance standards. These services include:

  • Email encryption to securely transmit personal financial data
  • Mobile device management and security
  • Data encryption
  • Offsite backup in a secure, encrypted data center
  • Password policies
  • Secure Wi-Fi access for your office staff and guests

Starting with security and data protection, Accounting Firms are required to have adequate controls in place to ensure client data is protected and securely stored with solutions that meet these compliance guidelines. A single data breach can be disastrous to any CPA firm, large or small.

Data must be protected at all times regardless if it’s stored on a local server, in the cloud, or being sent over email. Encryption and security are important to all CPA firms, no matter the size.

Loss of data is also extremely important to prevent. You don’t want to have to make that phone call where you tell a client that you lost all their accounting records. You need to protect your own data and the records of your clients. This is a must. SymTec has the knowledge to make sure your Accounting Firm has proper business continuity solutions, data backups, and file recovery processes and systems in place.

Many Information Technology companies can provide your firm with hardware solutions and software, however very few understand how your firm uses these solutions and the support needed to keep your firm effective and productive.

When you work with SymTec as your outsourced IT department, you will have a partner who understands all your technology needs for your accounting and financial firm.

SymTec has the skills and expertise to exceed your expectations for an outsourced IT company by providing realistic technology management solutions and the right hardware and software solutions to keep you compliant, all customer records safe, and your team efficient.

How Does The Cloud Impact Accounting Organizations?

The cloud has helped the accounting and financial industry immensely. The cloud now allows firms to easily share records with clients, host applications, and communicate with the firm and with clients.

SymTec makes sure our clients fully leverage cloud computing to their advantage but in a safe and secure manner. Anyone can put up a cloud server – but is it secure? This is what SymTec does for our clients; we know which cloud technologies are the best and which ones you should steer clear of.

SymTec has also seen many cloud file sharing solutions come and go. In our role as your strategic IT advisor and outsourced IT department, we can make the right recommendations for you to employ the most secure, stable, and easy-to-use cloud file sharing solution to ensure your clients and the accountants in your firm are meeting all objectives and timelines.

Get Started With SymTec

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