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We want to welcome you to our family. Being part of our family means a personal connection. We become your IT lifeline. For us to serve you we seek to develop a keen awareness of your needs before they even happen. Our system is designed around you to make your IT Support simple.

IT Support can easily become a burden that prevents work and cost time and money.

Symtec has spent over a decade assembling a team of IT experts and Systems designed to save you from the risk of downtime and costly hours trying to manage your IT internally – Get started now. Give us a Call Today.

“Previously we were forced to devote a lot of staff and man hours to maintaining the complexities of our systems.

“We’ve been with a lot of companies really without a lot of success. We were introduced to Symtec about 4yrs ago and they introduced us to a new way of doing things. At first we couldn’t believe it. We didn’t think they would be capable of fulfilling. Since then we have been more than impressed by the level of support. They respond 24/7 and take care of all our needs. Having a partner that puts in the time and work to not only understand our needs but put in the time and effort to build a process that not only works but protects you… There’s no better group than Symtec.”

– Travis Snowder Qal-Tek CEO

There is no better group than Symtec

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We recognize that there are urgent issues with IT Support. We don’t want you to wait. If you are unable to log in to a machine or service? Is your computer nonfictional? The single fastest way to ensure a timely response and action is to call us!

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The Symtec family is also available via chat. The response times via chat channels are normally within moments and much of what is critical to you – the ability to log in (Citrix, Email, Phone), application not opening – can be resolved this way.

True Success

We gauge our success by your success.

The best solution in IT support

The Helpdesk Button on your computer is as fast, and sometimes faster than picking up the phone. Don’t have a button? Chat with us to have this installed on your machine in the next 24 hours.

The Helpdesk Button is a helpful friend that is capable of supplying all your machine’s relevant information: name, last few items clicked on your desktop – and enables our technicians to know precisely what you experienced at the time you submit your request.

“Their remote solution is the support our IT team has been looking for.”

Symtec saves you time and money

“My name is Cannon Smith, I am the general manager and operating partner here at Smith Chevrolet, Smith Honda, and Smith RV.  We are a multiple year President’s award winner and one of the oldest Chevrolet dealerships in the country.  When I first met Symtec we had dealt with every IT struggle possible. It was really becoming a problem for our business. We were spending more time focusing on our equipment and systems than we were on our people, and that’s when we knew we needed to do something different.

“When I first started consulting with Symtec on our problems, they asked a lot of questions to ask that I didn’t know needed to be asked.  We did a full audit of all of our systems and programs, they brought their team in and they just went from one computer, one system, one phone line all the way through the business.

“Once we got that information I don’t know what they did…  I just know that the problems went away. Previous to working with Symtec every time we were working with our IT manager or support company it was because there was a problem; … something went wrong so we made a call. … Something went wrong so they  showed up to fix everything.  It’s been kind of fun for me now because my relationship with IT is totally different. Now when I’m talking with Symtec or working with Symtec it’s because we are about to grow, about to do something bigger and better – and that is what our relationship is-  getting ahead of problems rather than behind them. 

“So whatever kind of business you are in, whether you are automotive or accounting, etc..  Whatever you do- talk with Symtec about your IT needs.   I am telling you they have saved me a lot of time, and a lot of money, and they have let us put our energy back into what we do best, which is take care of our customers!”

See What Our Clients Have to Say

I don’t have to worry!

With SymTec managing my technology I know workstations, programs and servers will be working as they should. I appreciate the consistency of the SymTec Team visiting my office regularly and verifying with each employee that technology needs are being handled. SymTec’s team provides great customer service, keeps my IT systems reliable, and they respond quickly to my team’s needs. 

Caleb, Rees


Consistent, great service with a trusted partner!

The single biggest benefit is the consistency of great service.  Previous IT groups caused multiple slowdowns, downtime and even outright shut down. We have been up and working with 24/7 availability since partnering with SymTec.  Their ticketing and resolution processes help optimize our daily operation.
Trust is earned through transparency. My bill is itemized, my service is clear. There is a reason SymTec doesn’t have any long-term contracts, they don’t need them. The service speaks for itself!



Knowledgeable with Accounting Software

For a CPA firm who is considering switching IT providers, the SymTec team is very knowledgeable of accounting software. Their expertise also extends to the administration side of these programs.   Sometimes software providers push updates that cause a glitch and SymTec always has us back up and running quickly.  If you are ready to experience consistent up-time for your accounting firm IT systems, work with SymTec.

Tiffany, HintonBurdick

Time to focus on other parts of our business!

SymTec has provided Managed Services for our CPA firm for over 6 years now; I don’t worry about our IT systems anymore. Everything happens behind the scenes, and we have very little downtime. Our technology just works, which gives us time to focus on the other parts of our business.
With SymTec we have experienced reliable IT systems, fast resolutions to our problems, and quality recommendations to help our CPA firm progress. Give SymTec a try, you can trust Wesley and the team.

Clint, Cooper Norman

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