It takes a lot of work and dedication to be a leader in IT solutions these days. For SymTec, it’s a daily challenge to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of technology, tech trends, and applying our collective know-how in innovative and sometimes unconventional ways. For these reasons and more to follow, we’re one of the leading information technology companies in St. George, UT.

Here are some of the best reasons why (many would be of the opinion that) we’re one of the top IT companies in Southern Utah:

  1. We value each client’s core requirements.

Instead of just waltzing in and implementing our service program, we listen first to our client’s operational and structural needs, and when we understand them – then, and only then will we implement the solution that best serves the client.

  1. We honor each individual within the organizations we serve.

We don’t just gloss over things with the people we collaborate with — we instead focus on each individual or company’s service requirements and strive to create the most positive service experiences for each person within our client organizations.

  1. We give only objective advice.

We only provide clients with the appropriate IT solutions when we recommend either hardware upgrades or services. Our sole commitment is to the customer and what they need. We won’t accept payment from vendors, or recommend any partner that is not the best fit for our client’s needs.

  1. A focus on the right solutions.

Clients should be paying for the result of the service and not the time it takes us to do the job. Many IT companies forget this maxim of business and service ethics. We understand that clients depend on consistent and useful technology and that is what we are focused on.

  1. We’re always improving.

In an ever-changing industry, what is best now will quickly be obsolete unless it adapts to the market. We embrace change with careful evaluation of the improvements it provides both ourselves and our customers. We embrace the complexity of change and look past its inconvenience, seeing it as only advantageous in the long run for us and our clientele.

  1. We facilitate direct purchases of new equipment.

Although St. George IT support companies aren’t the best source for purchasing equipment, SymTec is an advisor with a stable of vendors who will facilitate the best product, price, warranty, and availability for our clients. We provide our clients an experienced technology partner, guiding their purchases and directing them to our best sources.

  1. Every day we seek to earn customer loyalty.

Our clients deserve to have their business earned each month through the benefits our information technology company provides. And, they should also have the flexibility to properly adapt to their ongoing business needs and circumstances. To this end, our services are provided with no specified contract length.

  1. We deliver only positive tech interactions, guaranteed.

The more our employees love their job, the better service they will provide, and the more their positive attitude will spread to those we serve. We foster an environment where our service techs will choose to be on our team, which is a win-win for everyone!

  1. We provide high value and charge only fair prices for all services.

We will charge clients only for the value provided, completely follow through and follow up on services, and exceed expectations to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

  1. Being available right when clients need us – not the day after.

Our agile tech support team enables us to provide fast response to all our clients. We can even provide immediate help with our managed service plans. We provide evening and weekend support, and on-call availability 24/7 for critical and emergency needs.

Need Managed Services in St. George?

As your in-house IT management firm, SymTec can save you money, improve your overall business processes, and provide you an on-call advisor to help with any of your IT decisions or projects.

You can integrate the SymTec team into your daily business operations to increase efficiency and reduce the risks and headaches associated with doing your own IT management. We feature flat-rate monthly plans with unlimited support.

Do you have current repair needs, are you making changes to your office configuration, do you need expert advice to make the right purchases? Call us to learn about our managed service and/or one-time, hourly service options.

Why Else Should You Choose Symtec?

There are more to IT services companies than machines and software, Our approach is to create a system and a team to support you and help you succeed.

We’re also Microsoft Office 365 specialists.

As a Microsoft Silver Cloud Services partner, this is a great option for small businesses. Call us today to see what’s included and how affordable the solution can be. (You’ll also save money with direct Microsoft purchasing.)

We also have home service plans for those working from home. And, we bring the same rigorous standards to residential accounts as we do commercial ones!

Ready for managed services in St. George UT that won’t disappoint or let you down?

Contact Us Today for More Information

If you’re ready for a leader among St. George UT information technology companies to optimize your IT management, then contact us today at (800) 489-1706 or our local St. George office at (435) 817-9471, or by secure email form for more info.