Eaglesoft helps you streamline efficiency for your dental practice. Its revolutionary new features simplify your daily processes. It’s suited to practices of all sizes.

Eaglesoft is an on-premise dental office practice management system. It provides specialized time-savings tools to assist dental practitioners with every patient visit. It is ONC-ATCB and Meaningful Use-Certified and can easily be customized for the way your practice operates.

It seamlessly integrates both practice management and clinical functionality. And its intuitive interface helps your staff manage your dental practice easily and efficiently. It comes with a clinical chart, patient scheduling, billing and accounting applications, periodontal templates and much more.

Features include:

  • Scheduling
  • Treatment Plans
  • Document Management
  • Clinical Charting
  • Digital Imaging
  • Practice Growth
  • Patient Communication
  • Accounting

Scheduling:Eaglesoft’s patient scheduling application lets you block off segments of time, (from five to 60 minutes) depending on your required length of appointments. If you’ve double booked appointments, they will be displayed side-by-side. This way you can identify and remedy the double booking, so you don’t keep patients waiting. The scheduling module also comes with advanced features for booking family appointments, and the ability to create custom hours for providers. Set and send automatic reminders so patients don’t miss their appointments.

Treatment Plans:The treatment planning module is set up so you can present them to your patients and obtain their consent via digital signatures on consent forms. Create multiple treatment plans to give patients different options. The treatment plan is tightly integrated with the charting and imaging modules, so you can access all relevant information. Plus, it includes financial information, so your patients can make an informed decision based on their insurance coverage.

SmartDoc:Eaglesoft also includes a document management program, SmartDoc, which helps you and your staff store and manage documents that you’ve imported from paper charting systems. Scan insurance documents and assign them to patients’ SmartDoc. With relevant documents in one central location, it’s easy to find what you need.

Clinical Charting:An intuitive chart comes integrated with the treatment plan, imaging, and billing modules. Select the relevant teeth, and chart them using options on the right side of the screen. Users like its additional functionality that includes the ability to increase font size, change the color of Note types and add surfaces to a Note.

Digital Imaging:Eaglesoft says that their digital integration is the most complete on the market today. You’ll have the ability to acquire and store all image types in one patient record using this one piece of software. And you can use Dolphin 3D tools to manipulate and enhance your 3D images. Note: Before purchasing Eaglesoft, make sure that it integrates with your current imaging hardware.

Review Practice Growth:A comprehensive array of tools helps you track your practice’s growth. Use the Trends function to view specific criteria, and SnapShot to see an overview with an easy-to-read graphical display. Money Finder will provide a concise list of patients who fit your practice’s needs at any given moment. With this information, you can grow your practice.

Patient Communication:With InContact you can track your patient base and create and store different types of patient groups based on Recalls, Post-Op Calls and various kinds of reports. Integrate InContact with key areas to help calling patients with recalls or to generating mailings.

Accounting: Eaglesoft’s accounting features let you easily track services, charges and payments. Handle all of your accounting from one screen with the Walkout, Adjustment and Payment tabs, and other needed information. Electronic service tools make it easy to:

  • Send patient statements,
  • Process insurance claims,
  • Review outstanding claims,
  • Affirm patient benefits, and
  • Process credit card payments.

Eaglesoft’s eServices helps you and your staff maintain control without spending time making phone calls, printing claims and statements and processing paperwork. When your staff saves time, they have more for your patients.

Ratings:Users typically give Eaglesoft 4-star ratings. They say that it’s easy to learn and use. Some say that scheduling, patient records, radiographs, photos, and patient notes are all very well organized and intuitively placed throughout the user interface.

However, one review noted an important point — They said that the version they were using (Eaglesoft 18) lacked what was needed for HIPAA, HITECH and PCI compliance obligations. Most of what we’ve summarized here refer to Eaglesoft 20. For added assurance, always speak to your IT service provider about IT data security, HIPPA, HITECH and PCI compliance, and whether Eaglesoft 20 will help you meet these compliance requirements.

As a trusted IT consultant for dentists, we can help you ask the right questions and find the IT solutions that work best for your practice in Southern Utah or Idaho. Contact SymTec for more information.