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What Are the Advantages of Dual Monitor Displays for CPA Firms?

There are many advantages to using more than one monitor for your computer display. In this article, we will explore just what the advantages of dual monitor displays for CPA firms are, as well as some of the potential downsides, along with some research and statistics on using a multi-monitor setup in the business world.

The Use of Multi-Screen Display for Maximum Productivity

The use of a multiple monitor setup can make it easier for employees to organize, manage, and work on large tasks – especially those with significant graphical data, such as charts and graphs.

Using a double monitor setup makes it far easier and faster to use multiple programs simultaneously. Instead of having to switch between full-screen windows, additional programs can be put on the second monitor, resulting in fewer clicks and faster workflow.

This is especially useful in a fast-paced work environment like CPA firms where prompt email replies are needed. To this end, an email client can be kept open and available at all times for rapid communication.

A dual monitor arrangement can also benefit employees who use laptops or tablets for easy portability outside of the office but a larger monitor workspace in the office — especially given devices with small screens, tiny keyboards, and trackpads. Docking your laptop offers the flexibility of a fully-fledged workstation, allowing CPAs to pick up the laptop and take it to a conference room or out-of-office presentation.

Multiple Monitor Productivity Research

Increases in productivity are often touted as one of the main advantages of dual monitor displays for CPA firms, and the science backs it up. A 2016 study done by the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction found that dual monitors are measurably more efficient and less frustrating than a single monitor, and that a dual-monitor setting resulted in significantly less window switches and mouse clicks. Additionally, 98 percent of the participants chose a dual monitor configuration as their preference.

Know Your Hardware Requirements

Before purchasing additional monitors, it’s important to note whether your existing computers will support multiple monitors. A quick look at the back of your PCs will give you the information you need. If the video card currently in the computer has more than one video output port, or if the computer has multiple video cards installed, your system is ready for a dual monitor setup. If not, additional or upgraded video cards will need to be purchased and factored into the cost decision.

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Research Results and Conclusions

In a study of dual monitors by the Software Usability Research Laboratory at Wichita State University, researchers looked at four configurations: single 17″ and 22″ monitors and dual 17″ and 22″ monitors. They found the larger, dual monitors to be the best combination, with 98% of the participants preferring dual monitors over single monitors and the majority of those favoring the 22″ size.

After reviewing the variables, the study concluded that multi monitors present an advantage over single monitors — not so much for effectiveness, as they found similar project success rates in single and multiple monitor applications, but for efficiency.

Additionally, participants using dual monitors reported higher satisfaction which, in turn, resulted in higher productivity.

This higher satisfaction rate could be a result of better control over the information, the ability to access it instantly, and improved organization of workflow. This can have benefits beyond increased output. Happier employees mean less turnover, more positive attitudes, and increased engagement.

Keep in mind that while a two monitor setup is good, it doesn’t necessarily follow that more displays are better for business applications. There are times when having your email open on one screen, for instance, could be distracting. Not to mention other things an employee could have open, such as YouTube, or other video streaming site while on company time.

You may need to limit multi-screen displays to executive stakeholders, until and unless “best time usage” policies are established – or, otherwise just use your best judgment with a monitor upgrade.

The bottom line is, though, if you’re looking for ways to boost productivity, setting up double monitor workstations will likely be one of them.

Six Good Reasons to Upgrade to Multiple Monitors

Bob Rankin provides six good reasons to upgrade to a multiple monitor setup. These reasons include:

  • Increased productivity by 20 to 50 percent.
  • Enough screen space provided for real multitasking, keeping two or more apps in full view simultaneously (perhaps the most relevant of the advantages of dual monitor displays for CPA firms in this list).
  • Cutting and pasting between documents is much easier when you don’t have to alt-tab between them and scroll up or down so much. If you create newsletters or PowerPoint presentations, you’ll identify with this.
  • Picture and video editing is a whole new experience with dual monitors. You can have all of your editing tools on one screen while you work on the project in the other. You can compare before and after views of the same work, or supersize panoramic pictures.
  • Comparing products is easier when you have dual monitors. You can show two video cameras’ specs side by side in separate browser windows, for example.
  • Video and gaming take on a whole new dimension with dual monitors.

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