A few years back, while searching for a business service, I encountered an unforgettable situation. As we assessed a company and its competitors, we noticed many similarities between their solutions. Although we were inclined towards the offerings of a particular company, a dreadful experience with their sales representative during a call made us reconsider. The representative used classic hard-sell tactics, insisting on closing the deal before the call ended, or risking losing all the additional discounts and perks they were offering. I firmly believe that resorting to hard pressure selling indicates there's something to hide. It seemed to me that the company lacked confidence in their solution's ability to stand out against competitors, hence their attempt to prevent us from exploring other options. This approach completely put me off, and I chose not to move forward with the company.

However, three years later, dissatisfied with the results of the company we did move forward with, we decided to give the first company another chance. This time around, despite our previous negative experience with their sales call, we returned to them based on recommendations from other companies using their solution.

Integrity is at the core of Symtec's services. We believe that an IT company should only recommend what you truly need. Sometimes, this may mean giving up short term gains, but in the long run, doing what is right is always the winning strategy. In many industries, clients rely on our team to guide them towards the outcomes they desire. Given that many clients have limited knowledge about IT solutions, there's a risk involved if their IT company is solely focused on making a sale rather than finding the right solution for their needs.

One significant example of this is the increased risk of cyber-attacks that businesses face today. In such an environment, protection is crucial for most setups. As trusted advisors, we consider it unethical to withhold education and necessary solutions from our clients and prospects. The crucial question is the quality of advice and the motivations behind it. Is your IT provider merely a vendor, or are they a trusted advisor genuinely looking out for your best interests? At SymTec, we stand by our commitment to always prioritize our clients' needs and success.

At conferences, every vendor we encounter is eager for us to sell their products to our client base. Most of our competitors seem focused on identifying what to sell next in order to sustain growth and fulfill their own needs. However, a significant distinction between an organization that serves as a trusted advisor and one that is solely focused on making sales lies in their commitment to listening to your needs and transparently presenting risks.

Is your IT advisor truly listening to your concerns, providing information, and allowing you time to process it? You deserve to have the assurance that your interests are being prioritized. You should never feel pressured to make a purchase without conducting thorough research and having discussions with industry peers.

How to determine what you really need?

  • Research options yourself and see how your IT advisor’s answers relate.
  • Regularly ask yourself “Who’s interests are they looking out for?”
  • Consider the value you are receiving from current solutions you have already purchased?
  • Ask other clients who work with that vendor about their experience
  • Ask for a trial to see if the desired results are achieved.