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How SymTec Made Some Happy Campers With Fast-Running Wireless Technology

Want Good Reviews For Your Campground, Hotel or RV Park?

A number of vacation spots in Utah and Idaho received bad online reviews this summer simply due to unreliable Wi-Fi. This is an easy problem to fix.  Don’t let it ruin your business.

There’s nothing like hitting the road in your RV to take in the spectacular views in Utah and Idaho. Families and individuals from around the country come here every year to escape their busy lives and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

Wireless Networking

Sometimes at the end of the day, the kids want to “chill” and stream their videos or play games online. Parents enjoy this as well, so they can relax at the end of a busy day. But when the hotel or RV park’s Wi-Fi doesn’t work as it should, everyone’s mood suddenly changes to grumpy.

This is what happened to a number of popular campgrounds, RV parks, and hotels in our area. And as a result, they received bad reviews online that prevented new customers from making reservations.  Without reliable Wi-Fi that has the bandwidth required to stream videos and games, your patrons won’t be “happy campers.”

What Problems Cause Inadequate Wireless Performance?

  • Slow Or No Connections

When your guests can’t get reliable connections to your Wi-Fi, it’s enough to ruin their vacation.  Despite faster speeds being provided by internet providers, if your wireless isn’t capable of transmitting them, you’re not getting what you pay for and neither are they.

This is more likely to happen during peak hours when everyone is back in their hotel room or campsite after a long day of sightseeing and fun.  There’s usually a logical explanation for this. If your Internet connection is working but slower than normal, there is usually an easy fix for it if your equipment is up to par.

  • Lack Of Bandwidth And Speed

Again, this can happen when your internet is spread thin across multiple devices. Wireless isn’t always capable of handling the capacity your guests require.  Default wireless frequency channels can get overloaded. Speed is also affected by the distance from computers to your wireless. You can avoid this with the right wireless devices and set up.

  • Interference

Interference can be a real issue when a lot of people are using your wireless. When this happens, computers must continually resend messages to overcome signal issues. Even household appliances can interfere with computers. Walls containing studs and metal pipes can also cause interference and slowdowns. Did you know that glass can interfere with wireless signals?

  • Old Equipment That Needs Updating

Outdated routers, modems, and cabling can’t support network traffic at the speeds required. And technical malfunctions in network equipment can negatively affect performance. In these instances, a repair or upgrade is warranted.

How Did SymTec Resolve Our Clients’ Issues?

The first thing we did was to perform a Wi-Fi Site Assessment.  Our engineers collected data on our clients’ sites to gather information about:

  • The wireless network requirements for capacity, coverage, and mobility.
  • The site layouts including what materials could be interfering with signals.
  • An analysis of the wireless equipment, settings, and cabling.
  • A radio frequency site survey of the existing wireless local area network.
  • Wireless access point configurations.

We provided our recommendations and reasons for them based on wireless best practices.  Once approved by the client, we went to work remediating all their Wi-Fi issues.

Were There Any Security Problems?

Whether a client reports security problems or not we ensure their wireless is secure.  Security on any Wi-Fi network is essential. People are working in hotel rooms and even when they’re on vacation in their RVs. A poorly set up wireless network can be easy to hack allowing access to guests’ sensitive data. We implement a centrally managed solution that ensures security and regulatory compliance with solutions from firewalls and anti-virus software to other defense-in-depth Wi-Fi solutions.

What Was The Result?

As a result of our services, the clients’ guests were all “happy campers” once again. They were able to access Wi-Fi for all their online needs, even video streaming where numerous children watched their favorite shows on different devices at the same time.

Our clients were happy because we were able to provide:

  • A cost-effective solution that didn’t break their bank accounts.
  • Better performance than with more expensive solutions.
  • Bandwidth management that ensured both their staff and guests always have the access they need.
  • Guest Wi-Fi access so their guests can have the uptime and capacity they require.
  • Scalability so our clients can add on to their Wi-Fi services as they grow.

Tomorrow’s Wi-Fi demands will continue to expand as device makers seek to support ever denser deployments of wireless and IoT devices. Small businesses can no longer rely on consumer-based Wi-Fi and manage wireless service on their own.  If they do, they’ll find themselves in the lower or no-star rankings online. Managed Wi-Fi is the way of the future for small and mid-sized businesses.

For more information about your Wi-Fi requirements or managed Wi-Fi, contact the team at SymTec.

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