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Important Considerations Resorts In Utah Must Review Prior To Setting Up A Wireless Network

Wi-Fi is the second most important amenity that a hotel can offer, according to Event Manager. Setting up a wireless network for resorts in Utah requires careful consideration of several factors, including the type of equipment you plan on using, how many users are going to connect concurrently, and who’s going to support the technology after it’s deployed.

Commercial-grade Equipment

Some resort owners may be tempted to lower their wireless network costs by using residential equipment to supply guests with the internet. However, this approach leads to many problems since it’s not designed to support many connections at a time. Over the long-term, the resort may end up losing money due to guests looking for locations with more reliable internet.

Number of Users

How many people can connect to the resort’s wireless network concurrently? The equipment needs to handle the average number of users to maintain the expected performance levels. When people are settling in for bed or a quiet evening, they want to use the internet to catch up on social media, stream videos, and check email. If the system can’t keep up with this traffic level, then guests are going to have complaints.


How big is the area that you need to cover with Wi-Fi signal? Are you dealing with multiple floors or building material that make it harder for the signal to reach its maximum effective range? Your access points should be placed strategically throughout your resort in Utah to maximize speed and performance. If guests are unable to connect due to poor signal strength or end up with spotty internet speeds, then they’re going to complain about this amenity.

Wireless Network Security

Data breaches are distressingly common in nearly every industry, and hospitality is no exception. Since these Wi-Fi networks are shared by multiple guests, ensuring the safety and security of all of these devices is essential. The Wi-Fi network for the guests should not be used for internal purposes, as this could make it into a vulnerable attack surface for a hacker.

User Experience

The guests’ user experience should be considered every step of the way. Will they be happy with their internet connection or is it going to be an issue? Wi-Fi access is an expectation for many people. If they don’t have this connection available, their reviews could be bad, and they may choose to book at another resort in Utah for their next trip. Regularly testing the performance of the wireless network and upgrading equipment when it no longer lives up to performance expectations are two ways to keep guests happy.

Wireless Network Support

Even the best wireless network infrastructure has problems. Who is going to field the calls from guests who can’t connect to the internet or have other issues with it? If you don’t have an IT person or team on-site or on your staff at all, then you’ll need to reach out to a managed IT services provider to handle ongoing maintenance and support.

Your resort in Utah has a lot to gain from a wireless network, but it’s essential that you’re using the proper equipment, configuration, and ongoing support options.

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