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Windows 10 Upgrade – Black Screen

When updating Windows 10 you may encounter a black screen that never goes away during the installation process.
Plug in an external to see if you have a display output and can continue the setup process.
If you have a display output from the external monitor but NOT the laptop display after logging into windows you will need to open Device Manager > Expand Display Adapters > Right-click and uninstall the display adapter and check the box for removing the display drivers.
Device Manager > Expand Monitors > Right-click and uninstall any monitors.
You will now need to find an updated display driver for you laptop.

IF you have a DELL Latitude E6410 laptop (Only one I tested; may work with others) I have a solution for you:
1. Go to DELL support and put in your model # to find the downloads/drivers page.
2. On the downloads page, scroll down and expand “Video” and download the “Intel HD Graphics Driver” Version,A05.
3. Install the driver, tell the installer you really do want to install an older driver than the one you have; reboot.
4. Windows will show that there is a graphics driver ready to install with Windows Update, DON’T install it. It will say “We need to start a separate installation to complete this update…” If you have Windows 10 Pro or better, you can check “Defer Upgrades” under Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update>Advanced Options. As long as you don’t allow it to install the new driver (requires human interaction), you should be good to go.
5. Eat Ice Cream.

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