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Best (and Most Secure) Options to Provide WiFi for Your Hotel Guests

Stable and Secure WiFi For Hotels & Motels in Utah

WiFi connectivity in hotel rooms is no longer considered a luxury — it’s a requirement. How can you provide WiFi that is limited to your hotel guests and completely secure?  

Providing your guests with a superior experience is particularly important for small hotels. When people are on the road, they’re unwilling to give up their creature comforts like clean towels, comfy beds — and fast, convenient WiFi access for their many devices. You know the importance of providing WiFi for your guests, but how can you add a layer of security without compromising ease of use? If you don’t have an in-house IT team, the choices on the market for providing WiFi may feel overwhelming. Here are the best options for launching or updating your guest network.

What to Look for in Business-Class WiFi

It may be tempting to invest in a high-end consumer WiFi solution, but moving up to business class is more than worth the investment. The security options are significantly different for a home versus business WiFi network. Home networks are not intended for use by more than a few individuals at a time, and even the lightest media use by 10-12 people will quickly overwhelm and slow down a home WiFi network. By contrast, business-class WiFi allows you to indicate different security levels for staff members and for guests. Maintaining this separation between limited guest WiFi access and deeper security levels for staff members reduces the risk of cyberattack and also helps you identify and adjust for unexpected usage.

Here are the key options to keep in mind for your guest WiFi:

  • Business-grade — as opposed to a home or personal — WiFi routers. Business-grade routers contain a higher level of security and are developed to maintain consistency even when under a heavier data load.
  • Wireless routers are the cornerstone of offering WiFi to your hotel guests. These business-grade routers often include added levels of security that help protect the personal information of your guests as well as keeping your business systems safe from hackers.
  • Depending on the size of your hotel, you might also need additional access points or boosters to ensure the WiFi coverage is sufficient for the needs of all of your guests and staff. If you notice that signals are weak in a particular room or area of your hotel, this is the hardware that will help even out your coverage.
  • Active management of your business network is crucial in today’s world of motivated hackers. Keeping everything optimized to provide a speedy connection, updates to your router and speed monitoring are all important parts of network maintenance.
  • Ability to customize the splash page and other web-based messaging where you welcome guests and invite them to join your hotel’s WiFi network.

Connecting additional devices such as registers, tablets and other point-of-sale devices also requires a greater security clearance, and setting up these user access points and levels are extremely important as you’re getting started with business WiFi. A lack of access points or boosters is often quoted as one of the biggest challenges for hotel management. Roy Kosuge, SVP Corporate Strategy for Sonifi Solutions notes “Working with a skilled provider that can help design a network that balances cost and coverage will ensure strong guest satisfaction”.

Contact Your Hotel WiFi Experts

Stabilizing the cost to your business, the level of security that you need and the experience of your guests can be difficult, which is why many hotels and other small businesses look for St. George IT company to help manage this type of project and research. Guests today are all-too-eager to share negative reviews online, and one compliant you’ll often see is the quality of the connectivity within hotel rooms and grounds. Make sure your business always gets a 5-star rating for fast WiFi when you contact the professionals at SymTec today by calling 435-817-9471 or fill out our quick online form to learn more.

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