Our Mission

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Develop An Informed And Trusted Standard For Technological Advice, And Lead The It Industry In Establishing Consistent Support That Always Serves The Customers Best Interest

10 Commitments to our clients

we Will…

1. Value each individual

· We listen first to client’s needs, and when we understand we will implement the solution that serves the client best.

2. Maintain objective advice

· We are dedicated to providing clients with the right solution every time we recommend hardware or services. Our sole commitment is to the customer. We won’t accept payment from vendors, or recommend any partner that is not the best fit for client needs.

3. Focus on solutions

· Clients should be paying for the result of the service and not the time it takes us. Our ongoing focus will be lasting solutions. We understand that Clients depend on consistent technology and that is what we provide.

4. Intentionally improve

· In a quickly changing industry what is best now, will quickly be obsolete unless it adapts. We embrace change with careful evaluation of the improvements it provides and the complexity and inconvenience of change.

5. Facilitate direct purchases.

· IT support companies are not the best source for purchasing equipment. Being an advisor with a market of vendors will facilitate the best product, price, warranty, and availability for our clients. We are the advisor, to give clients an experienced partner in guiding their purchases and directing them to our best known sources.

6. Earn Customer Loyalty

· Clients deserve to have their business earned each month through the benefits we provide, as well as the flexibility to adapt to their business needs and circumstances. Services are provided with no contract length.

7. Deliver positive tech interactions

· The more our employees love their job the better service they will provide, the more their positive attitude will spread to those we serve, and the longer we will choose to be on our team!

8. Provide high value, and fair prices for all services.

· We will charge clients for the value provided, completely follow through on services, and exceed expectations to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

9. Be available when clients need us.

· Our growing team enables us to provide fast response to all clients. We can even provide Immediate services with our managed services. We accommodate client circumstances with evening and weekend projects, and provide on call availability 24/7 for critical and emergency needs.


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