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When Do You Need An IT Analysis?

Have you had an IT Analysis of your business network within the past year? If not, you’re not alone. Many small businesses in Utah and Idaho overlook this. As a result, they aren’t doing a sufficient job of managing the vulnerabilities in their IT networks. Just like you get checkups for your cars and trucks, you should keep a check on the health of your information technology. You need this to prevent IT disruptions, failures and data breaches.

What Is An IT Analysis?

An IT Analysis scans your network, identifies vulnerabilities and provides you with a risk report. Your IT provider will perform an in-depth analysis to look for a range of network, server and computer vulnerabilities.

An IT Analysis will include any of your devices that have an IP address (such as workstations, laptops, printers and multifunction printers, etc.). It scans for vulnerabilities in technology that stores documents. It can also scan your routers, switches, hubs, intrusion detection and protection systems, servers, wireless networks, firewalls and the software running on them for reliability.

Whether you call it a review, audit, or analysis, any time you conduct a serious assessment of the state of your network, along with your related policies and procedures, it’s a useful and valuable process.

What Are The Benefits Of An IT Analysis?

It’s vitally important to assess your IT systems regularly. It will help to ensure that your:

  • Computers and network will run reliably.
  • Systems are free of viruses, malware and vulnerabilities.
  • Software is patched and up-to-date.
  • Technology provides the ROI you require.
  • Data is reliably backed up and quickly recoverable.
  • Mobile devices remain secure.
  • Digital information is safeguarded while in transit.
  • Systems are protected from unauthorized intrusions.
  • Information in the Cloud is secure and readily accessible.

What Does An IT Analysis Include?

An Assessment of Network Devices & Performance. This could also include a network inventory of your servers, computers, operating systems, applications and more.

Risk Identification: An IT Analysis uncovers network and security risks. Your IT service company will comprehensively test and evaluate your network for security.

Provided Solutions: Once the results are compiled, they will deliver a report and solutions to you. This will summarize your IT system’s strengths and weaknesses while laying out a series of sound solutions.

Apart from identifying weaknesses, an IT Analysis will pinpoint operational inefficiencies that could be costing you in lost efficiency and productivity. It will also help to find ways to streamline your workloads and identify opportunities to grow your organization.

Will An IT Analysis Detect Security Gaps In Our Network?

Yes… Don’t assume that your cybersecurity is infallible just because you haven’t encountered an issue yet – have your IT company conduct an IT Analysis with a risk assessment so you can be sure. Your IT provider will conduct an in-depth risk assessment of your IT to ensure no overlooked vulnerabilities are waiting to be exploited – such as…

  • Unaware Employees
    A survey done by CompTIA shows that human errors are responsible for 52 percent of all security breaches. Don’t let a lack of knowledge put you at risk.
  • Malicious Employees
    Similarly, employees with the wrong motivation are uniquely positioned to cause serious damage. Lax access practices make it easy for someone to do real harm if they want to.

Will Our IT Analysis Include Documentation?

Your technician will use data collectors to compare multiple points that will uncover hard to detect issues, measure risk, provide recommended fixes, and track remediation progress.

The IT Analysis can review a mountain of network data and not only uncover threats to your network but assign it a Risk Score based on the impact on your network. The Risk Score allows your IT provider to prioritize the remediation of individual issues and measure your network health over time.  All of this will be presented to you in an easy-to-understand report.

Then you’ll receive regular Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) so you know that your IT network is running reliably and securely.

How Long Will An IT Analysis Take?

In most cases, the actual technical analysis can be completed in well under an hour. Your IT provider will use a set of tools that will scan your network to determine its reliability and security. This won’t interfere with your work.

Can An IT Analysis Help Us With Compliance?

It will help to improve your network security by performing device vulnerability scans and compliance network assessments.

For healthcare organizations, the IT Analysis will provide documents you require for HIPAA including a HIPAA Risk Analysis.

IT Analysis can also be used for full PCI DSS IT Audits for compliance and to ensure your customers’ confidential information remains this way so you can continue to accept credit cards.

And you can get detailed reports you need if you must comply with FISMA, NIST, DISA STIG and more.

How Often Do We Need An IT Analysis?

To be sure your network is reliable and secure, it should be analyzed regularly. For some, this means once a month. This is because businesses often add and delete computing equipment as their needs change, and employees come on board or leave. And with today’s dangerous cyber landscape where hackers are targeting small businesses, you must stay on top of new security vulnerabilities in your network.

What Happens After The IT Analysis?

Once your IT Analysis is complete, your IT provider will make recommendations such as replacing obsolete devices or for closing security gaps that threaten your confidential data.

If nothing else an IT Analysis provides the peace of mind knowing that your technology will always be secure and work for you wherever and whenever you need it.

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