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VDI in a box Image to large to send to other Grid members

I have found that that image size to be able 60GB if its over that size to get it to distribute to the other members of the grid you need to perform the following

put the grid into matenance mode

shut down the vdi in a box manager

from the hypervisor extend the secondary partition from 66 GB to what you need

start the vdi in a box manager

Login via the console or ssh
default username and password: root, kvm kaviza123
browse to the following folder
cd /home/kvm/kvm/install/bin

Run the following script

you can then view the disk size by typing: df -H
the export should match what you extended the partition to be.

You will need to perform the steps on each vdi in a box manager in the grid.

once thats done, go back to the vdi in a box management website

from images you can click the wrench to repack the current images, then the servers to accept the image.

move the grid out of maintenance mode

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