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4 Ways Technology Can Boost Productivity for Your St. George Development Company

Computers are both a blessing and a curse for small businesses. While there are technology solutions that can dramatically increase your productivity and automate repetitive tasks, the same technology can bring your business to a screeching halt when something goes wrong. Business owners and their teams wear many different hats and taking the time to solve tech-related issues pull your focus away from growing the business and supporting your customers — crucial activities in any St. George development company. Here are a few of the many ways that technology can help boost productivity and revenue for your business.

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How Are Small Businesses Benefiting from Today’s Technology?

Getting a business off the ground requires an intense amount of concentration and pure hard work, plus millions of details that are coming at you from all directions. With all the noise, it can be difficult to keep your longer-term strategy in mind as you’re making day-to-day decisions. This is one of the many ways St. George development companies and other businesses are able to support their ongoing operations while making decisions that are in alignment with strategic goals and objectives. Reducing the number of decision points and automating your strategies so they “just work” requires upfront time and effort but can pay significant dividends over time.

4 Ways You Can Leverage Technology for Your St. George Development Company

There are so many complex technology solutions available on the market today that it can be extremely difficult to determine what to purchase, the products and services that you’ll need — and how to be sure that each selection will add value to your organization. Here are 6 ways that businesses like yours are solving everyday problems with exceptional technology solutions.

1. Enhance Your Internal and External Communications

Communications is a key challenge for businesses today as vendors, employees and customers are constantly on the move. When you leverage technology to enhance your internal and external communications, you are driving efficiency into your business. Some of the marketing tools that you can utilize include:

  • Marketing automation platforms that allow you to stay in touch via automated emails that trigger at specific stages in the customer journey or because customers take a certain action such as visiting a page on your website.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that tracks contact information, sales and interactions with your customers.
  • Business telephony that allows staff members to send and receive messages and calls regardless of their physical location.
  • Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office 365 that allow vendors, customers and staff members to seamlessly be on the same page to speed projects to completion.

2. Leverage Business Data for Informed Decision-Making

Data is everywhere: from customers interacting with your social media and visiting your website, to buying patterns and even supply chains. Finding ways to turn this wealth of data into actionable information is where the challenge lies for many organizations. The potential for business intelligence is expanding as data points are consolidated and become more visible to leaders of the organization through powerful yet inexpensive tools such as Microsoft’s PowerBI.

3. Create an Integrated Supply Chain

Are you still tracking inventory in Excel or on paper? It’s time to make an investment in cloud computing. Everything from vendor relationships to purchasing, inventory, workflows and order management works more seamlessly when your leadership and staff have a consolidated view of the business with an integrated supply chain. Want extra credit points? Work with your techology partner to find a solution that works on (secure!) mobile devices, too.

4. Create a Marketing Powerhouse

When your business processes and tools are fully integrated, you have the ability to create a marketing powerhouse that can help differentiate your business from your competitors. From exceptional levels of communication to creating complex marketing funnels, the data that you’re gathering helps predict everything from when to run a sale to when you will need to reduce the price of a particular item because sales are slipping.

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