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Business IT Services & Technology Support

SymTec Provides Technology Support For All Types And Sizes Of Businesses Across Utah, Idaho and The Western United States

SymTec takes pride in a job well done. Many organizations in Utah, Idaho, and now across the Western United States trust SymTec to be their complete IT department.

Many have moved away from traditional onsite computer service teams, a complete IT department, or even just a one-person consultant who comes in from time to time to fix computers, to having a completely outsourced IT department, provided by SymTec.

There are countless benefits to having a team like SymTec taking care of your business, including:

  • Possible lower monthly IT support expenses
  • Vast knowledge of many technical solutions versus generalists who may or may not have experience with all your technology
  • Buying power and influence with the top IT vendors ensuring you get the right solution for the right price
  • Experience in strategic IT planning, budgeting, and vision
  • Data protection expertise with data backups, recovery, and cybersecurity

SymTec Works With A Wide Range Of Organizations

SymTec offers Information Technology services to a wide range of businesses across the Western United States. Although we work with many different types of businesses, we have specialized in a few different industries, including:

  • Accounting Services, including bookkeepers, CPAs, and financial management professional firms
  • Dental including dentists, orthodontists, dental surgeons, and others
  • Automotive dealerships and dealer groups

Why Put Your Trust In SymTec’s Team?

Simple. We are committed to your business’ success. We understand that many technology consulting companies will say this, but, sometimes their actions are not 100% aligned with their messaging. SymTec does not sell any hardware or software. Therefore, we are not out to recommend a service or solution to you because we get some kickback from an IT vendor, or push your company into an IT solution just because it’s the only one we know.

SymTec represents you. We are not a value-added reseller (VAR). We are a Managed IT company that serves as your outsourced IT department, and in some cases, we may even be called your “IT Manager” or CIO. Our team only provides services, and that’s it. We will work on your behalf to ensure you are getting the correct technology that fits your budget and your needs. No square peg into a round hole.

Our team will work to get you the best pricing and provide a number of options, and then sit down with you to make sure we have everything you need.

We consider ourselves to be an extension of your team.

SymTec Brings Years Of IT Experience

The clients we work with get the benefit of our many years of technical experience. Clients who work with the SymTec team enjoy the added benefit of not having to worry about their Information Systems.  We take that worry off of their daily worry list.

SymTec works with Microsoft, Linux, Apple, or whatever solutions your company has invested in for the future.

We can’t say we’ve seen it all, but, we have seen our fair share of technical challenges, and you can immediately benefit from SymTec’s industry expertise.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to move forward with SymTec as your trusted outsourced IT department? Great! Start by filling out the form on the right side of this page, and a representative from our IT service department will be in contact with you to arrange your complimentary IT analysis and review.