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SymTec started when Trevor Bradford was working full time as an IT admin and going to school part time. All his family and friends would ask for help and advice on their computers; but he just couldn’t handle it all himself. He got together with a friend and taught him how to fix computers. They came up with the name SymTec, a logo, and started expanding their support to anyone in need. For that first year Trevor was relieved to have someone willing to relieve his load, but not much effort was put into expanding. When he moved down to Cedar City, Utah after the first year SymTec was put on hold. Trevor saw an even greater need for better services in southern Utah area, and mentioned the lack of good service to Wesley Bradford. Wesley Bradford was a business major studying entrepreneurship at BYU. With time Trevor convinced him of the need for better services that understand the importance of customer service. Months of planning went into the business model to fine tune the services to serve customers best interest. Trevor having worked for a number of different IT providers understood the support aspect. Wesley took on everything else. This second beginning had a renewed focus and determination to create the best value service. This new beginning was done through hard work and money out of their personal finances. The green shirt emerged to distinguish our techs, and materials were created to show customers the quality of service they would receive. Great efforts have been made throughout the growth process to avoid investors and keep customers’ needs and the quality service as our priority. SymTec has grown quickly; especially with the increased capabilities of software has expanded the business division with their unique partner approach. Today they are still very client focused avoiding lengthy contracts, and dedicating focus to positive customer relationships.