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Asset Tracking – Monitoring of Software and Hardware

SymTec makes asset tracking simple by doing it all for you!

Knowing what IT assets your organization has, the condition of those assets, and where those assets sit on their life-expectancy timeline is an important element of your overall business technology strategy. SymTec makes asset tracking simple by doing it all for you! We give your company the analytics you need to know what is working well, what needs to be replaced, and the overall condition of your current IT structures.

SymTec Gives Your IT Infrastructure Total Transparency!

Your business technology doesn’t have to be a mystery. The SymTec team uses asset tracking and monitoring to remove the black box surrounding your IT assets and show you exactly what you have, what you don’t, and what you need.

What Does Asset Tracking and Monitoring Help Us Do For You?

Asset Auto-discovery

Often, businesses that we begin a relationship with have no idea what IT assets they have – especially companies that have been in business for an extended period. By using discovery tools that map and scan a client’s IT infrastructure, we can give them a picture of the value, age, and overall health of their IT assets.

Configuration Management

Not only do we give you transparency into what you have, SymTec Asset Tracking and Monitoring capabilities allow us to give you visibility into how each asset is connected to and interacts with the other elements within the IT ecosystem. This allows us to analyze the productivity impact of changes to your systems.


By utilizing simple automation, we can understand and control the hidden capabilities of your hardware and software – setting them up to automatically accomplish some of your manual tasks


Reports from our automated system are extremely beneficial as we work together to make decisions about the best way to optimize your systems and prepare them to scale with you as you grow. With these reports, we can identify bottlenecks, monitor your cloud assets, see the performance of each element of your IT infrastructure, and improve how your IT interacts with your internal processes.

Inventory Management

Licensing. Hardware. Software. Values. – It all has to be evaluated. By partnering with SymTec, you will have an up-to-date assessment of everything within your IT environment. Having this information on hand allows you to make budgeting and expansion decisions based on firm IT data.

Asset Lifecycle Management

IT assets – like living things – have a lifespan. We track the various elements of your acquisitions through the stages of procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal. With that timeline information, we can advise you regarding purchase decisions.

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