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SymTec Attends 2018 Utah Dental Association Annual Convention & Exhibition

The SymTec team was excited to be in attendance with more than 200 other exhibitors at the Utah Dental Association Annual Convention & Exhibition in April.

The Utah Dental Association Annual Convention & Exhibition brought together dental professionals from all over Utah to learn from their industry peers and network with one another. This event also provided members of the dental industry with the chance to learn about products and services from more than 200 exhibitors.

Our very own staff members Robert and Wesley were in attendance at the Utah Dental Association Annual Convention & Exhibition, getting to know new members of the dental practice community and spreading the word about our IT services for dental practices.

We believe that when it comes to the modern dental & medical field, above all else, technology should help you improve the quality of care you provide to patients. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The dental and healthcare industries on a whole are complicated, ever-changing and strictly regulated, which can make it difficult to implement cutting-edge technological solutions without compromising something as vital as security or your ability to care for patients.

We can help, offering the best Utah dental IT services for a range of dental professionals. SymTec is proud to serve the entire dental industry from dentists and oral surgeons to orthodontists and much more. We provide expert services and solutions for dental offices large and small, ensuring your network is always up and running and eliminating those surprising tech support invoices.

We service dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons throughout the Western United States and especially in Southern Utah (St. George and Cedar City) and Idaho (Idaho Falls) from our two locations in Cedar City, UT and Idaho Falls, ID.

We have designed our services strategically so that our clients are able to leverage the most power from their technology to improve the way they treat patients. With a reliable and skilled IT partner, our clients stop worrying about technology and focus on providing care for your patients.

As veteran IT providers of the dental industry, SymTec has the solutions, expertise, and experience needed to help your dental practice change the face of patient care for the better. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will help you leverage the latest technology to boost staff performance, reduce waste and unnecessary costs, and much more!

Taking care of your patients means a lot more than keeping them physically healthy these days. In today’s modern dental environment, you also have a responsibility to guard the privacy of their electronic protected health information.

That’s why we offer dental IT services for dental practitioners like you, designed to enhance security, ensure compliance with regulations, and make it easier for you and your staff to get work done. Features include:

  • Total Privacy: With complete control of data through public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, and third-party reviewed and validated technologies, we help you maintain the privacy of your patients’ information.
  • Total Transparency: We know how important it is for you to be completely transparent about security, privacy, and compliance practices. In order to support this effort, we ensure that you know precisely how your data is stored, accessed, and secured and that you can independently verify this when need be.
  • Confident Compliance: The technologies we offer are designed to help your practice stay compliant. With our solutions, you will always be up to date even as regulations and standards evolve.

SymTec provides our clients in the dental industry with a comprehensive HIPAA technology review and compliance check at regular intervals to ensure your practice is above board within the HIPAA regulations.

Our dental IT professionals and certified technicians review your existing policies and procedures, assess the technologies currently in place, and provide a thorough action plan to clean up any shortcomings.

Our HIPAA reviews include:

  • Onsite Analysis of Existing Policies & Systems in Place
  • Thorough Analysis and Deliverables Reporting of Findings
  • Implementation Plan to Ensure Compliance
  • Audits for All Complete Care Clients

Don’t let your practice continue to rely on outdated and ineffective technology when it comes to caring for your patients. With our expert dental IT support, you can bring your care team into the future of dental cloud computing and change your practice for the better.

The SymTec team was proud to attend the 2018 Dental Association Annual Convention & Exhibition – it was a wonderful opportunity to meet members of the dental industry that we don’t already work with and show them how we can help revolutionize their practices’ IT. We can do the same for you – so what are you waiting for?

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