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Is Your CPA Firm Experiencing Snags With These 19 Software Packages?

We Support Accounting Software For CPA Firms!

Is the software your CPA firm relies on letting you down?

At tax season, you and your employees don’t have time to blink – much less deal with hardware and software conflicts that slow you down. The SymTec team helps you drive high-productivity by supporting accounting software for CPA firms in Cedar City, Idaho Falls, and St George areas.

If you’re struggling with wrangling one of these nineteen software packages most used by accounting firms, our team is here with Managed IT, Cloud Services, and Hardware Purchase Consulting to help you get back to peak efficiency!

#1 – Microsoft Office 365 is a powerhouse software suite that is the gold standard for all accounting firms. Among its many strengths is its tiered licensing program which allows accounting companies to scale their usage as they grow. Office 365 allows accounting firms to continue with the Microsoft software offerings that they have come to know and love, yet there is much more to this advanced IT suite. Designed specifically for commercial use in mind, Office 365 provides applications and hosting opportunities designed to drive accounting businesses forward.  Among these great options are Microsoft Office, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and Exchange Online.

Microsoft Office 365 is available through SymTec as a monthly, all-inclusive subscription service.  The fees are tailored to reflect the size of the business and the number of users, ensuring that companies are not paying for services they aren’t using while still allowing for the possibility of future expansion.  It is an affordable system that increases productivity while reducing overhead costs.

If Your Firm Is a Small Business, You May Be Using – And May Be Struggling With – One Of These Software Solutions.

#2 – Adagio by Softrak is a great solution for businesses who deal with revenue in the 2-100 million dollar range.  The program efficiently manages a high transaction load and requires a minimum of one dedicated person for program oversight.  While Adagio provides excellent tools for a variety of specific industries, it particularly shines in its approach to accounting.  Adagio is divided into modules for ease of use and is particularly suited to people who prefer batch input methods. These modules deal with ledger work, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, inventory tracking, costing, and reporting and sales tools to name but a few. In addition to these tools, Adagio is compatible with some leading third-party software applications to enhance overall software capability and provide a well-rounded approach to accounting needs.  Adagio is not available as a subscription service.

#3 – Peachtree by Sage is another solution for smaller accounting firms. Marketed under the brand name Sage 50 U.S., its most potent strength is in equipping busy accountants with the tools necessary to make better-informed decisions for their clients. It is a program that is user-friendly and that poses an interface that is simple for technology laymen to navigate successfully.  Its foundation is built upon double entry practices to ensure accuracy, and its security is reinforced through trackable audits, monitored security, and regular automated process checks. Like Office 365, Sage PeachTree comes in tiered packages to meet the needs of each accounting business perfectly.  Each package comes with additional services.  At this level, Sage 50 U.S. assists businesses with managing inventory, forecasting projects costs, generating effective reports, implementing proactive security, and enabling multiple user access.  It is a system built for technology newbies.

#4 – QuickBooks Accountant is a software solution marked by its simple interface and “out of the box” technology.  This program is equipped with tutorials to assist in learning the various functions.  QuickBooks Accountant has customized its approach to relating to the different industries it services.  There are a number of add-on tools and services available to enrich the capabilities of this program. It is available for a one-time flat rate purchase as well as in tiered, scalable solutions for affordable, monthly fees.  QuickBooks Accountant offers a comprehensive approach to financial management.  It provides solutions for everything from invoicing, tracking of inventory, basic sales reporting, and tax preparation to payroll and project cost forecasting.

#5 – Sage Simply Accounting provides all the services of Sage 50 U.S. along with bilingual services.  It is exceptionally user-friendly, making use of terminology for both the accounting professional and the layman.  Sage Simply Accounting offers the option of additional paid support to assist with more advanced accounting functions.  Add-on programs and services are also available for this product to improve overall company time management and productivity.  It is available in tiered packaging with each package containing more sophisticated tools.

#6 – FreshBooks is the final offering in the accounting software niche for small boutique accounting companies. It was formulated specifically for use with smaller, independent businesses and was designed to improve overall efficiencies by reducing time spent in online processes.  It can be easily integrated with PeachTree software solutions to increase access to more accounting tools.  It is a web-based tool which offers online payments options for existing clientele and boasts of capabilities to increase professional appearances through invoicing with a customizable corporate branding presence.

Is Your Mid-Size Operation Dealing With Headaches Related To These Software Packages For Accounting Firms?

#7 – Sage CRM Solutions known as Sage ERP MAS 90/MAS 200 is one of the leading accounting software solutions for mid-size businesses.  It is ideally suited for businesses with 1-25 system users and deals primarily with basic accounting functions. Like Adagio in the small accounting firm category, Sage CRM Solutions is based on modules.  This clever setup allows companies to purchase just the modules suited to the work that they do. Wizard generated financial statements allow for easily generated and accessible documents, budgets, and reports.  This program is more sophisticated than other financial software programs designed for smaller enterprise and as such comes equipped with the latest tools to provide the ultimate in accounting functionality.  Among the great services available with Sage CRM Solutions are e-commerce, advanced accounting processes, enhanced reporting solutions, human resources/payroll services, project management techniques, and customer management systems.  Other modules include inventory tracking and forecasting of project oversights and costs.  It is sold per module and via licensing for multi-users.

#8- Traverse (Open Systems Traverse) excels in the 5-75 users market.  It is an affordable solution for mid-sized accounting businesses and is available as a pay as you grow option.  It functions flawlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and is easily integrated for internet and e-commerce usage.  It is a .NET solution that is fully compliant with Microsoft Office 365 processes.  Traverse makes use of Excel-based materials for all financial data and reporting.  It is equipped to deal well with multiple languages and over multiple currency options.

#9 – Intuit (Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions) works best with 1-25 users seeking basic accounting tools.  Its easy to use interface provides interactive options to increase user-friendliness and overall functionality. It comes in a variety of industry specified versions to ensure the best tools for the correct field.  This is the most accepted version of QuickBooks amongst business owners for its ease of use and overall comprehensive set of services. Among the options available with this version are cheque printing and advanced payroll/employee time tracking programs. This program is the choice of companies who require financial management tools yet have employees who are unfamiliar with traditional accounting terms and practices.  For the utmost in security, online screen markers record data entry to prevent fraud and system abuses.

#10 – CYMA Financial Management System is a software solution which is integrated for use with vendor management as well as employee tracking and account processes.  It excels in payroll processing and includes advanced payroll deductions and compartmentalization.  It is available in a set of 19 different modules allowing for complete customization.  This program is considered a more sophisticated system that other software programs available within the same category. It was specifically designed to grow as your business grows.  CYMA is equipped with industry-leading technology services including Crystal Reports and F9 Financial Report Writer.

Is Your Large Accounting Firm Being Drained Of Productivity Because You Need High-Level Support For Your Accounting Software?

#11 – Sage ERP ACCPAC Advantage Series is the industry-leading choice for large-scale enterprise businesses needing to equip 21-100 plus users. This well-respected program is universally beloved throughout the United States and Canada. It is easily scalable to meet the needs of your growing business.  From data storage and advanced encryption tools to integrity checking and sophisticated reporting tools, this powerhouse program is the ideal solution for large accounting corporations. Like the mid-size versions of this software, Sage ERP ACCPAC Advantage Series is equipped to cope with multiple languages and currencies for the utmost in financial efficiencies. Best of all, ACCPAC has a solid history of quality products and commitment to excellence.  It requires expert installation.

Is Your Accounting Firm’s Progress Slowly Grinding To A Halt – And Maybe Insecure – Because Of Your Current Document Management Solution?

#12 – E-File Cabinet offers world-class document management software solutions.  It is an industry leader in document storage, indexing, and retrieval systems. One of its greatest strengths is the flexibility of the program allowing it to be utilized for desktop solutions, mobile devices, or the cloud.  E-File Cabinet integrates beautifully with other programs including QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office.   It is appropriate for use in compliance regulated industries. One of its primary selling features is its user-friendliness and mobile apps.

#13 – Doc-IT Suite 3.6 is a comprehensive system for managing documents and workflows.  It operates in the cloud and allows users to optimize document storage and retrieval as well as paperless billing and filing. Doc-IT is comprised of several tools all available under this software umbrella for a fixed monthly cost that is scalable with your growth.  It is affordable and has an excellent return on investment reports.

#14 – File Cabinet CS-Thomson Reuters is a platform specifically designed for use by professional accountants who specialize in tax-based work.  This product works best in conjunction with other Thomson Reuters software products but is a cloud-based solution that provides solid tools for document management and offers advanced security measures for the ultimate in safety measures.

#15 – GoFileRoom – Thomson Reuters’s content management system is hallmarked by intuitive work process simplification.  It requires a high-speed internet connection to function properly.  GoFileRoom is a user-friendly program that improves overall accounting office efficiencies.

#16 – ProSystem fx Document-CCH is a comprehensive system designed specifically with accountants in mind.  It operates on a simple premise of dragging and dropping communications directly to and from Microsoft Outlook – enabling work processes to proceed efficiently.  It is equipped with backup solutions that are protected.  Collaboration is improved with enhanced file-sharing capabilities.  This system offers regulatory compliance assistance to ensure proper adherence to applicable legislation.  It is a cost-effective approach to document management for accountants.

#17 – SmartVault offers all the great services of other document management programs but without all of the added expenses.  It is well-integrated with QuickBooks and provides a simple, user-friendly approach to optimum software performance. Its cloud-based technology allows for flexibility in collaborative efforts and ease of document access and retrieval from mobile devices and laptops.

Who Helps Your Accounting Firm Keep Its Practice Management Software Running Flawlessly?

#18 – Core Powered by BQE offers software solutions that combine the best of accounting software with document management to save you time and money.  Within this one powerhouse software suite, you can track project management, billing, accounting practices, employee time and expenses, and much more.  You also gain access to powerful apps and integrations.  It is a cloud-based solution offering the best in flexible software to increase collaborative efforts.

#19 – APS Advance is marketed specifically to firms specializing in accounting and consulting.  It is built upon the foundation of Microsoft SQL.  It brings together the best in reporting tools and project management resources.  It has a simple user interface and is available in modules for customization.  It is easily integrated with Microsoft Office.

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