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Surprise and Delight Your Guests with Superior Technology

Surprise and Delight Your Guests with Superior Technology

Are your guests finding reasons to be passionate advocates for your brand? Your hotel tech might be standing in the way of creating exceptional guest experiences.  

Hotel WIFI

Guests checking into a hotel or motel today have certain expectations: clean and neat accommodations, friendly staff, quiet enjoyment of their space and blazing-fast WiFi internet access. What may be considered a perk in some businesses has truly become a requirement for the hospitality industry, with even AirBNB listings snubbed if WiFi isn’t available. Small to mid-size hotels continue to struggle with providing fast and secure access to a multitude of guests, many of whom bring an average of three devices per guest. Fortunately, even smaller hospitality teams can provide an exceptional experience for their guests with these simple suggestions.

High-Tech Hotels

A recent study from OpenKey should elevate the issue of hotel technology to a new level in the tug-of-war for guests, with 98% of guests expecting (not “hoping for”) high-speed WiFi. These tech-savvy travelers aren’t happy with simple WiFi access, however — 88% are unhappy without access to device charging ports, while a whopping 62% expect smart thermostats and 54% expect mobile keyless entry. Mobile payments, access to a mobile wallet, in-mirror TVs, and smart TVs round out the expectations from this group of technophiles, but these must-have amenities can be too expensive for some boutique hotels.

Boosting Secure Guest Access to WiFi

Sound network architecture is the hallmark of a successful hospitality WiFi experience, but this network activity can be a boon for hotels looking for insights into their guests, too. According to Michael Jenkins, AT&T associate VP and hospitality practice lead, “Brands, owners and property managers should view Wi-Fi as a platform for guest insights and analytics for marketing opportunities versus only a cost”. Since each guest must log into the access point, hotels are leveraging that opportunity to gain insight into the guest habits and peak times for connectivity. This can allow hotels to create timed bursts of additional network throughput to balance the load on access points.

Regular Access Point Audits and Technology Upgrades

The hospitality business is booming, which can make it exceedingly difficult to find time to schedule regular technology reviews, upgrade software and ensure that everything is running smoothly throughout your business operations. When you work with a proactive IT services support team, they can provide the added support levels that you need to maintain a high degree of cybersecurity with the sensitive information that’s being stored within your business systems. A regular review of your WiFi network capabilities can quickly identify any areas where remediation is needed, or introduce you to newer — and sometimes less expensive — technology options that are now on the market. If your WiFi network is several years old, there’s a good possibility that a more efficient option is available that will not only provide a better experience for your guests, but easier administration for staff and IT support teams as well.

Easy Authentication Equals Happier Travelers

Getting logged into the WiFi at a hotel or motel shouldn’t be one of the most painful parts of a guest’s stay. Instead, they should be able to quickly and seamlessly access in-room or shared space WiFi networks, along with an intuitive process for adding new devices to their account. In a perfect world, guests would be able to travel between properties and have the WiFi network recall their settings, providing an option for secure 1-click login to begin accessing WiFi services. Cloud-based WiFi management makes this direction much more realistic for even the smallest of hotel and motel brands in Utah. Improving guest satisfaction comes in many stages, and making each interaction clean and simple helps put your guests in the best possible mood for their stay.

Your guests deserve to feel as though their information is secure during each interaction with your hotel, and that certainly includes when they’re connecting to the complimentary or paid WiFi network. Create a cohesive experience for your guests that will have them returning (and telling their friends!) when you contact the WiFi network professionals at SymTec today by calling 435-817-9471. We provide secure, reliable guest WiFi for hotels and motels across the country, but specialize in working with hotels in our local Utah area. Request your free initial consultation online today by filling out our quick form.

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