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Partner with the SymTec Team and Get The Remote Support That Your Company Needs!

The SymTec Approach: Remote Support

There is a significant difference between remote support and offshore, tech support call centers. The SymTec staff is right here in Idaho and Utah. We are a part of your business community, and we want to see you succeed.

Partner with the SymTec team and get the remote support that your company needs to get answers to daily questions and fast, remote fixes to your IT issues.

Why is Remote IT Support better with SymTec?

  • We take the time to know your employees and your business.
  • We are available for emergencies 24/7.
  • We won’t make you spend endless time “on hold.”
  • We will answer your questions in plain English – no tech-speak.
  • We will fix any IT issues that may arise.
  • We’ll keep your systems running efficiently with remote patches, upgrades, and monitoring.

The profitability of your business depends on a healthy IT foundation.

Who is ensuring that your IT is configured to your workflow and undergirds the efforts of your hardworking employees?

SymTec wants to be the team you turn to for a computer user experience that just works.

After all… You don’t want your employees distracted and their time tied up with keeping their computer systems updated and finding fixes for IT problems. Their efforts are precious, and you want them 100% focused on the work that makes you money.

By providing your workforce with technology that works efficiently, we can enable you to drive more productivity and more profits.

The business benefits of Remote Support from SymTec

You’ve been looking for an IT support partner that would lift the burden of technology troubles off your shoulders. You don’t want to have to learn how your computers, network, cloud assets, and in-house servers work – or how to fix them when they break down. You just need them to work flawlessly – every time. We will give you kind of remote IT support that brings business advantage to your company.

  • Enabling employees to use their time productively.
  • Answers to your day-to-day IT questions.
  • Speedy IT fixes without interrupting your internal processes.
  • The latest updates for greater efficiency and security.

The Technical Details

  • Fast Connection – We can access your computers quickly by sending you an email link, DRLs on your site, or using a secure code. Whatever method is most efficient for your unique systems and needs.
  • Full Support – We don’t do anything halfway. By using top-flight diagnostic tools, we can detect problems, pinpoint issues, and resolve IT challenges quickly and efficiently.
  • Fortified with Security Protocols – Our secure sessions deliver peace of mind that your data is safe. We use industry-standard, business-class encryption for our support sessions.
  • Featuring Support for All Major Platforms – We are happy to serve companies that work with Windows, Apple, or Linux devices and operating systems.

Saving money with Remote Support from SymTec

Why pay for a break/fix IT contractor to come into your workplace, interrupt your employees, and (maybe) fix your IT issue?

Hiring the SymTec team to do most of the needed work remotely just makes sense!

It’s cheaper than break/fix onsite visits, and causes less disruption to your day.

The best part of our remote IT support is that we offer it within our customized, monthly subscription payment plans.

We deliver all the support you need. And it’s all included.

Let’s get your business set up for high-efficiency! Contact the friendly IT technicians of SymTec now to learn more about how our remote IT support can help your business.

Your time is too VALUABLE to wait. contact us now to get a free 10 minute IT needs assessment.

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