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The SymTec Advantage: Patch Management Monitoring

You can enjoy seamless, productive computing without the distractions of popups telling you that you have to update this or patch that.

Your employees just don’t have time to do everything on their “to do” list PLUS spend hours implementing the latest security patches and updates. But it has to be done. If the patches aren’t properly installed and configured, your security is at risk.

The SymTec Team Makes Patch Installs Simple for You!

We do the work, so you don’t have to even think about it. You can enjoy seamless, productive computing – without the distractions of popups telling you that you have to update this or patch that. We’ll ensure that your computers and servers are updated with the latest or most reliable upgrades.

  • Updates Without Distraction – We implement your patches during your workstation downtime – no matter when that is – to give you the ability to leverage the most out of your technology during the workday.
  • Updates Without a Footprint – We have the capability of delivering your updates and security patches remotely. Although we are more than willing to do on-site visits, we try to stay out of your way by using remote options – enabling you to get more done in the day.
  • Updates Without a Thought – We think about these small details, so you don’t have to! Everything happens behind the scenes. All your team experiences is computers that work the way they’re supposed to work.

The SymTec Team Keeps an Eye on Your Patches!

While implementation and configuration of patches are important, it is just as essential to continuously monitor implemented patches to ensure that they do what they are intended to do. Our tools allow us to have visibility into your entire IT security system – not just the patch implementation – and make decisions based on a high level of system transparency.

Why Security Patches?

When your software doesn’t have the latest patches installed, it becomes vulnerable to cyber-threats and horizon-level malware. When the developers of software become aware that a security vulnerability has been found and used by bad actors, they develop a “patch” that fixes that security hole. That fix is then pushed out to patch management experts like the SymTec team. We then apply those patches to the hundreds of servers and workstations that we manage – delivering higher security for you.

By proactively implementing, managing, and monitoring security patches, our team saves you weeks of time and labor-intensive computer work. But more than that, we save you the pain of downtime and lost revenue.

The Benefits of Partnering with SymTec for Patch Management and Monitoring

  • Peace of Mind – knowing that your security patches are being kept current
  • Confidence to Operate – because no failed patches are allowing criminal access to your systems
  • More Productivity – because patches are deployed remotely and in the background
  • Greater Transparency – patch reporting is available and allows you to know your security status

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