MyITRisk Survival Guide

Security Risks Are Increasing

We are seeing an increase in the number of security threats that our clients, and the world in general are facing. We are attending conferences and researching what is needed to keep you and your business safe even though we are not a cybersecurity company. Please understand there are no absolute guarantees with IT security. There are companies that do specialize in cybersecurity which detect breaches, mitigate attacks and do penetration testing.

MyITRisk can guide you through cost effective improvements to lower your IT security risk, without having to engage a full cybersecurity company.

MyITRisk works with you to do the following:

  • Develop Company IT Security Plan and Policies
  • Conduct User Training and Risk Assessment
  • Create a Financial Plan Covering: Insurance, Upgrades, Budget, Vendor Negotiation
  • Identify, Recommend and Implement Risk Protections