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Microsoft 365: Moving at the Speed of Business

Microsoft Office 365 is the gold standard of office productivity software.

What makes this program stand apart from the rest?

Microsoft Office 365 combines the best in flexibility, scalability, integration, security, and ease for business owners.

Office 365 provides the latest versions of the most popular business applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook all via one software platform.

SymTec recognizes that simplicity and ease of use is important to you.

You need access to the latest versions of your favorite Microsoft applications.


You want to be able to install and use mobile applications at the touch of a button–so you can work on the move!

Office 365 makes all of this possible.

SymTec’s IT team of experts will consult, implement, manage, and secure the Office 365 configurations for your company.

We have top-level experience applying patches, managing users, and even finding deleted documents upon demand for you.

Office 365 by Microsoft ensures that you receive all of the updates to keep your software running optimally at all times.  You will always have the latest and greatest versions of your favorite applications without further cost to you.

Let the SymTec team migrate your email to Office 365!

Is your business email still on consumer-grade email accounts?

Maybe you and your staff are using multiple email accounts from a number of email providers?

This only leads to confusion, lost time, and lost productivity.

Partnering with the SymTec team to move all of your existing emails over to Office 365 just makes sense.


Because Office 365 puts your emails under your control and helps you gain efficiency and brand identification across the send/receive email experience.

Your employees will like the fact that Office 365 email integrates seamlessly with all of the other Micorosoft Office 365 applications that they are used to using. Office 365 email will make them more effective in their communication and use of time.

What are some of the advantages of using Office 365?

  • Upgrades are free
  • Ideal for teams
  • A broad suite of services
  • Easy to add new users
  • Easy to manage access controls
  • Native support for Android, Windows, IOS, and Blackberry devices
  • HIPAA and FISMA credentialed
  • Access to Office web apps and desktop versions
  • Lync and Sharepoint access
  • Budget friendly

Office 365 is the software suite your business needs, and the SymTec team will keep it running at full speed for you!

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