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Does your in-house IT staff need a little help?

Your in-house IT employees are great people and are valuable to your organization.

But maybe they are beginning to express some frustration about the workload as your company grows.

Or maybe, they’re up against some newer tech challenges, and they don’t have the right training.

That’s where the SymTec team comes into the picture.

We aren’t here to replace your valued IT employees…

We’re here to support their heroic efforts!

We call it “Joint Technology Support.”

Many times, internal IT staff become bogged down with repetitive, day-to-day IT tasks.

As a result, they aren’t able to help you with the big picture IT projects that you need to tackle to make progress toward company goals. We’ll free your IT employees up from the menial tasks so they can focus on the pro-growth projects you have in mind.

Looking to integrate newer technology or move up to the cloud for mobility and flexibility? Does your current staff have the skills to help you do that?

If not, no problem!

The SymTec team will be happy to come alongside your IT staff and give them the advice and workload support they need to get you to where you want to go.

Just think of us as part of the team – working with your people to grow your business.

Unfortunately, many times internal IT employees don’t have defined structure for their work or tools such as IT management software, ticketing systems, and documentation processes. Without these tools in place and utilizing them daily, information can be lost, and important tasks can be left undone – or forgotten altogether. Not good!

Worse yet, if your internal IT employee leaves – or goes on vacation – your IT department is subject to the pain that results from disorganization and lack of documentation.

With established support request tracking, IT management protocols, and quick response times facilitated by the SymTec team, you can give your internal IT employee the support they need and keep your IT running smoothly.

Keep your entire staff happy and productive – instead of frustrated by disorganized IT!

Leverage the skill of SymTec to supplement your internal IT staff.

Let’s get started.

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