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Does the IT for your Cedar City, Idaho Falls, or St George car dealership need an overhaul?

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the automotive industry.

Technology has streamlined some of the very challenging aspects of running a dealership.Software now takes care of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks such as inventory, billing, and diagnostics.

But who takes care of the technology?

Your salesmen and support staff just don’t have the time or the expertise

And you don’t want IT headaches to land on your plate.

SymTec is the IT team that becomes YOUR internal IT team!

That’s’ right!

We station an employee on site to ensure that your systems stay running and that your IT supports your workflow as it should.We take pride in setting up the right tools for your dealership that maximize your time and minimize your hassle.

From POS systems that also manage inventory and track/create billing to cyber-security solutions and supporting infrastructure for your diagnostic equipment – we have you covered!

How can using SymTec’s managed IT services help your car dealership?

  • Affordable, budget friendly payment plans
  • Customized IT assessment and monitoring
  • IT and POS system simplification and integration
  • In-house IT support staff
  • Network security and antivirus protection
  • Employee POS system training and troubleshooting
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Data retrieval, backup, and disaster recovery solutions
  • Cloud-based software support- specific to the automotive industry

The SymTec team knows how dealerships function and what systems to help you implement to get the most out of your workday. But it’s not about a one size fits all approach. We fit the IT solution to the business not the business to the IT solution. After all, we’re YOUR in-house IT team!

Whether you need an onsite IT support member on an hourly basis or as a permanent fixture in your office, SymTec works with you to design the managed IT service plan that best fits your needs and your budget.

Partner with SymTec to increase productivity and reduce IT frustration!

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