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IT Services & Technology Solutions For The Dental Industry

Are You Wasting Money On An IT Service That Doesn’t Know What Dental Practices Require?

Unless your IT service and solutions are 100% focused on what your dental office needs, you could be wasting money. In addition, you may not be getting 100% of what you should from your technology.

As a dentist, orthodontist, or oral health professional, it’s not always easy to find an IT provider who understands how your practice functions. It can be hard to find someone who is experienced with the software you use. The Dental IT Professionals at SymTec understand this problem. With years of experience in providing managed IT services for dental professionals, we focus on giving you what you need to maintain optimum efficiency.

We’re Familiar with the Software You Use

With our years of experience, we’ve accumulated many skills in the practice management and imaging software dental practices rely on today. We are well-versed in software solutions like Dentrix, PracticeWorks, Easy Dental, Schick, Dentrix Image and many others. You won’t have to wait for your managed IT provider to get up-to-speed on the software programs your practice uses each day.

We Evaluate Your Unique IT Requirements

Unlike run-of-the-mill tech companies, we use a precision-based process to assess your information technology needs. We’ll sit down with you and your office staff to learn what IT pain points you’re experiencing and what you believe you should be getting from your technology. In many instances, we find that dental practices are simply not getting every advantage from their programs and technology.

Designing and Implementing Your Solution

After our assessment, we apply our best-practice procedures, knowledge, and expertise to design a custom-tailored technology infrastructure and build it according to your unique requirements. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. You’ll have exactly what your dental business needs when we’re finished.

Symtec provides custom-built, cost-effective technology solutions that:  

  • Ensure your IT functions operate at peak performance.
  • Protect the privacy of your patients’ records.
  • Increase your operational efficiencies, productivity and, ultimately, your profitability.
  • Help you comply with HIPAA regulations.
  • Support the dental applications you use.

Ongoing Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

At this point, all you’ll require from us is our 24/7 maintenance and remote monitoring to ensure your system runs at peak performance and remains secure.

Don’t let just any computer guy into your server closet or confidential data. Don’t waste your money on IT companies that don’t understand what dental practices require.

The Dental IT Specialists at SymTec build IT solutions that are made for dentists. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to learn what we can do for you.