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The SymTec journey began with people – and meeting their computing needs.

Today, nothing has changed. We’re still people-focused and driven to make your IT systems work for YOU.

Trevor Bradford kicked off the SymTec story.

He was a busy IT admin — going to school and trying to keep up with the demand for computer support from family and friends. In truth, the workload was just too much. But instead of letting people down, Trevor found a way to duplicate his efforts. He got together with a friend and taught him how to fix computers! They came up with the name SymTec, a logo, and started expanding their support to anyone in need. What a relief it was to have someone to help him with this expanding small business. But little did Trevor know that a move to Cedar City Utah would bring even bigger things for SymTec. After some time getting settled, Trevor recognized an even greater need for professional-level IT services in Southern Utah. That’s where Wesley Bradford stepped into the picture…

Wesley Bradford was a business major studying entrepreneurship at BYU.

With time, Trevor convinced Wesley of the need for better IT services that understand the importance of people-centric customer service. Months of planning went into the business model to fine tune the services to serve customer’s best interest. It was evident that Trevor and Wesley were going to be a great leadership team. Trevor understood the IT support aspect; Wesley took on everything else.

In a determined effort to focus on services that created the best value for their clients, Trevor and Wesley have developed a concept that is unique in the space – an outsourced internal IT department.

This model gives our clients the stability and continuity of an internal IT department combined with the cost efficiencies often associated with outsourced IT management. To keep the client’s best interest at the forefront of company culture, the leaders of SymTec have purposely avoided investor money that would demand profit over what was best for the client.

Today, SymTec is on a growth trajectory.

The increased capability of new software combined with SymTec’s unique “outsourced internal IT department” approach has allowed our business division to expand rapidly. But despite the growth SymTec has experienced and significant opportunities ahead of us, we haven’t lost the culture of care for and dedication to our clients. While other IT support companies force people into a certain technology mold and retain clients through long-term contract strong-arm tactics, the SymTec team chooses to win the hearts and minds of our clients by offering month-to-month agreements and friendly, competent service.

Are you looking for a team that will work seamlessly with your internal staff?

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