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Is your business outgrowing your IT support?

You have a growing business.

It’s not uncommon to go through stages in IT support as your business matures.

Sure, there was a time when a break/fix IT contractor was enough to keep you moving forward.

But now, there is more demand on your systems and higher expectation of your technology from customers, staff, and vendors.

What’s the next stage?

You don’t have the budget for a complete, full-time internal staff.

And you certainly don’t want the time-sucking tasks of updates, upgrades, patches, and troubleshooting on your plate…

The answer for your IT growth dilemma is the SymTec team!

We are unique in the IT support markets of Southern Utah and South-East Idaho because we approach things differently.

What’s different about us?

We are your in-house outsourced IT department!

What does that mean?

It means that we provide unlimited remote and on-site support as needed – in combination with scheduled weekly visits to evaluate needs, and ensure quality.

Whether you just need us for a few hours a week or your business IT requires a larger time commitment, we will adapt perfectly to the needs of your company now and as it grows.

As your in-house IT team, we can save you money, improve your business processes, and provide you with the advice you need to make IT impacted business decisions.

What does our team do to manage your IT?

  • Ensure proper configuration and protocol
  • Optimize for efficiency and productivity
  • Advise regarding hardware and software purchase
  • Monitor systems for anomalies
  • Maintain network with updates, upgrades, and security patches
  • Manage security of mobile devices
  • Care for backups and any needed data retrieval
  • Answer IT questions from employees

Your business deserves high-quality IT support – and that’s what we deliver!

Our team of IT professionals is ready to become your outsourced, in-house IT department.

Let’s talk.

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