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Is My Computer Infected By Malware Or Viruses?

You don’t need to be a computer expert to know that the word Virus spells danger for your machine. A virus is a malicious computer program which infects a computer without the permission or knowledge of the user. It is capable of copying itself and spreading to other computers.
Here are some of the most important symptoms of a virus attack on your computer, so you can promptly diagnose the problem:

Does your desktop look different? Whenever your desktop looks different from what it should be, you can be sure that there has been a virus attack. Your desktop might be full of icons or programs which you never installed.
Does your internet browser open on a different homepage? If you find that your internet browser is displaying a homepage which you have never seen before then it might be considered as a red flag. Your homepage is the web page which opens automatically every time you use your browser. However before proceeding with anything else you should make sure that you didn’t change the settings of your browser mistakenly.
Is your computer slow? Whenever there is a virus attack on your PC, your machine will run abnormally slow. Your computer might take a long time to start up, your programs will take ages to load, and your internet connection would be slower than a snail. All these are sure symptoms of a virus attack.
Are files disappearing? Are new files appearing? Harmful viruses are capable of erasing files and making new ones appear without the knowledge of the user. Therefore, it is always suggested that you keep a backup of your important files.
Are you seeing a lot of pop-ups? Too many pop-ups might be the result of a poorly configured browser since most modern browsers come with pop-up protection to prevent these annoyances. However when you see pop-ups appearing even when your browser is closed then it is a definitive sign of a virus attack. This is especially true when those pop-ups claim to find a magic cure for all your virus related worries. Pop-up messages with strange error messages and unfamiliar sound is also an indication of a virus attack.
Is your internet browser acting strangely? When your browser closes unexpectedly, stops responding, keeps redirecting you to unknown pages, or doesn’t respond then your computer mostly likely under a virus attack.
Does your computer freeze up? At times when you are working on a document your computer might just freeze by itself. All of us have been through this some time or the other. When the PC stops responding and the mouse freezes then your computer is definitely under a virus threat.
Are your contacts receiving strange emails from you? At times, your contacts might receive emails from your account which you have not sent yourself. This happens when the virus wants to multiply and spread out to other computers. Generally these kinds of emails contain links to viruses and one should always avoid opening them.
If you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should make use of your antivirus tool to clean your system or seek the help of a professional.

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