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Who Is SymTec?

SymTec was founded by Trevor Bradford to reduce stress.


Why SymTec was founded.

I founded SymTec because I was tired of working nights and weekends to support those that needed help. As an IT professional I was already working 60+ hours per week and had a list of people and businesses wanting my help.

How to reduce stress

Nobody wants to be overworked or overwhelmed, that is why we have a team and processes to help.

Team: we have we have multiple locations and members that can be reached 24/7

Processes: Monitoring, Management, Automation, Ticketing, Backup, Reporting

Having these items in place makes things run smooth and protected. Takes the stress off of current IT and Management

SymTec is a little different.

Yes, we are a MSP (Managed Service Provider), just like everyone else we can come in and become your IT department, or work with your current IT department.

We do what is the best for our customers:

  • Immediate Support (we are available to help when you need it)
    • Chat, Phone, Text, Email
  • We try not to sell hardware (cutting us out as the middleman saves money)
  • Very little inventory (we have items that will get you up fast, but not depreciating items that we are pushing onto customers)
  • Planed Budgeting (we work with you to create a 4-year IT budget)
  • Vendor management (we help with contracts and pricing)
    • Internet, Phone, Print Services
  • Feedback based ticketing system (let use know how we are doing)


It is about the team.

            We have a great team that has communication skills. Keeps interactions pleasant and productive.

We want to put the best possible service forward for our clients.

Try something different. Engage with SymTec today and experience how an IT company with a unique approach to business technology can be a huge benefit to you and your company.