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SymTec was founded by Trevor Bradford to help businesses in Utah, Idaho, and across the Western part of the United States overcome day to day headaches and frustrations caused by Information Technology.

Trevor and the entire team at SymTec understand that information technology, when operating at its best, helps businesses take care of more customers, provide better services to their clients, and run a very smooth operation. SymTec also appreciates that when technical solutions are not running effectively, staff morale is lower, productivity can grind to a halt, and even a loss of revenue can occur.

This is why SymTec was founded.

To provide your business with a team of Information Technology professionals, committed to helping clients run effective businesses, ensure their profitability, and attract and retain the best talent available.

SymTec is a little different.

Managed IT Services have been around for over ten years. However, many companies are still transitioning over to Managed IT Services. SymTec provides Managed IT Services to clients across Southern Utah from our offices in Cedar City and St. George, and also companies and accounting firms in Idaho Falls from our office in Idaho.

SymTec’s approach is unique in the IT industry. We are a true outsourced IT department and act in your best interest only. Many other IT companies  – and this is not unique to Utah or Idaho – have partnerships, vendors, and dealers they need to maintain relationships with, and therefore many of the solutions they provide to companies are skewed towards maintaining clip levels, partnership levels, and even commission to sales professionals.

SymTec doesn’t work this way.

SymTec’s model of being your true outsourced IT department means that we act in the best interest of our clients and any solutions we may recommend, we source from a wealth of suppliers and computer system manufacturers, not just the ones we have a partnership agreement with.

Yes, we have relationships with companies such as Datto, Microsoft, and others, but these relationships are here to offer additional services to the businesses we serve.

IT’s about the team.

SymTec’s team is dedicated to providing the best possible services and information to professionals and business owners through Utah, Idaho, and now the entire western sliver of the United States, including Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, and other regions.

When your organization works with SymTec as your trusted Information Technology consulting company, you have a team of dedicated Information Technology professionals with many years of experience, industry certifications, and qualifications at your disposal.

We want to put the best possible service forward for our clients.

Try something different. Engage with SymTec today and experience how an IT company with a unique approach to business technology can be a huge benefit to you and your company.


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