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How to Setup Cisco Aironet 1140 Series Access Point (Web Interface)

First connect the device to the network. by default the device will get an IP via DHCP
Find the IP Address of the device from the DHCP server
Enter the IP address into a web page
It will prompt for username and password. Default username: Cisco Default Password: Cisco
Select the Express Setup
Change the Host name and recommend the IP to a Static IP Address.
Select Access Point for the Radio Network
Apply the Settings (you may have to login again if IP Address changed)
Select Security
Select Admin Access
Under Local User List Select Cisco
Enter a new Password, Check the box user Password as Secret
Select Express Security
Enter SSID if you want users to be able to see the SSID select broadcast SSID in Beacon.
Select no security (we will get back to this in a min)
Select Encryption Manager
Select Cipher
Select either AES CCMP or TKIP or both
Enter and Encryption Key
Select Security then SSID Manager
Select the SSID you defined previously
Select key management and change it from none to mandatory

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