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How To Create A Base Image With VDI in a Box

Follow these detailed instructions:
Install the Operating System of your Choice (Windows 7, recommended) in the hypervisor.
Leave the OS running and select it from the list in the manager.

Give the Image a new name and a Description. Select the Import Button.

It will copy the image. This process will take some time, depending on your hardware and size of the VM you are copying.

Connect to the Copy of the VM and install the Desktop agent by browsing to the address in a web browser. run and install the files. https://%ipofvdimanager%/dt/dtagent

Verify that the agent is communicating and Citrix HDX protocol is active.

Verify you can connect to the VM using the Citrix HDX Protocol. You can edit and modify the VM at this time.

Verify the Checklist items. Notice the Volume license key required is a VDA license.

Complete the information required for the system prep; KMS key provisioning recommended.

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