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How To Change VDI in a Box Hypervisor IP Address

Before you get started, make note of these items:
Username and password may have changed in versions
If you get a permission error to run any commands just type sudo in front of the command before executing
Take note of the OLD vdiManager and OLD hypervisor IP addresses and the new ones
Easy steps to change VDI in a Box Hypervisor IP Address

1. Log into the vdiManager web console
2. Ensure there are no active users
3. Go to the Server tab
4. Open the server’s name/IP
5. Click the Deactivate button
6. Log into the vdiManager console (you can SSH) default user/pass: kvm/kaviza123
7. Change to the following directory: /home/kvm/kvm/install/bin
8. Run the following command: tc_stop
9. Run the following command:
10. You will be prompted to type each old and new IP address for the hypervisor and vdiManager. Do these and let the script run. Confirm any actions
11. Once the script completes run this command: tc_start
12. Restart the virtual appliance by: sudo reboot
13. Once rebooting log back into the web console
14. Go to the Servers tab
15. Click the name/IP of the server and click Activate
16. After a few moment click the Self-Test button.

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