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How To Access VDI in a BOX using Apple iOS Devices

To access the Citrix virtual desktop application from iOS devices:

From the App store download the Citrix Receiver App
In the Address field you will need to type the full PNAgent Logon Point URL: https://%Domain%/lp/pnagent (NOTE: Be sure to HTTPS and not HTTP. The lp stands for logon Point and is a lower-case “L” not an upper-case “i.”)
Click the Next button
Change the Description, if you desire
Fill out Username, Password and Domain, then click the Save button
Type your password in the next screen and click OK
All your assigned templates will appear in the Apps section of the Receiver
Select the virtual desktop template you wish to connect to. iOS devices with multi-tasking capability allow you to switch between the Citrix Receiver and other applications without losing connection to the virtual desktop.

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