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How Do I Speed Up My Internet?

Life seems incomplete without a good and a fast internet connection. A slow internet connection not only uses up a lot of valuable time, affects productivity, hampers results, and restricts our usage which leads to building frustration. If you are paying for a particular speed, you deserve to get what you pay for. It can be achieved with some basic but regular maintenance and wise selection. Let us examine some easy tips which can help in speeding up your internet connection.
5 easy tips to speed up your internet connection:

Opting for a good browser. This is the most basic factor to be kept in mind for an effective internet connection. There are a number of browsers which offer better internet access as compared to Internet Explorer like Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. These browsers involve minimum processing while multitasking. But before choosing a browser, you need to check which one works the best for connection, giving you the best speed.
Check your Wi-Fi signal. For a slow internet connection, a weak Wi-Fi Signal can be responsible which can be due to the wrong positioning of your internet equipment either the router or modem or both. In such cases, you can check by repositioning the equipment and resetting them. If the problem lies with the router, you need to tweak it by adjusting the settings. And if both are not helping, then you need to check on the range of the Wi-Fi offered by your provider and keep your computer within the prescribed range.
Check the background applications that are running in addition to your browser. These are set as default applications and start functioning as soon as your computer is connected to the internet like Skype, Messenger, program updates, etc. As they function along with your regular work, they eat away from your allotted bandwidth thus reducing the internet speed. Therefore, the settings of these programs should be changed from their default and should be opened only as required.
Close unused tabs. While you work on a particular page, there are unused tabs that lie dormant but still refresh automatically to keep the application running live and updated. We generally have the habit of keeping the pages of social media sites or news sites open as we work. Though they keep us updated, they also consume bandwidth and slow down whatever we are actually working on. So if you want to step up your internet speed, shut all the unused tabs and you should enjoy a faster speed.
Change service providers. If all your efforts have gone in vain and you are still suffering from a slow connection get in touch with your service provider. If they can’t resolve the problem, then changing your service provider may be necessary for better speeds.
Beyond the above troubleshooting tips, the underlying rule remains that your computer is a machine and needs timely maintenance and cleaning of unused data from the memory. If there are problems in your computer operation, then even a lightning-fast internet connection won’t help. The best solution for your machines and internet connection may require different solutions so make sure to get professional advice and don’t be satisfied with a provider which cannot resolve your issues.

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