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Is Your Hotel Computer Support In Utah And Idaho Delivering For Your Guests?

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive, so you need an advantage that will help your properties stand out from the rest.

With people making more time to enjoy travel and business travellers spending additional time on the road, quality hotels are in high demand. This increase in tourism and business traffic is a boost to your bottom line.

However, today’s consumers have more demanding expectations. Gone are the days of rotary telephones and big box cable TV. In its place, hotels are expected to provide state of the art WiFi and Smart TVs.

With the advent of streaming, people are more forgiving if a hotel TV doesn’t function up to their standards. But if a hotel’s WiFi isn’t up to snuff, it results in complaints, poor word of mouth, and often, the loss of that customer to the competitor down the road.

Business travellers to your hotel require a secure wireless connection from which they can access all the files needed to do their work from the road.

Families with kids require WiFi to keep the children occupied. For better or worse, we live in a society where lack of access to games and Netflix can lead to a family meltdown.

Your hotel cannot afford to offer anything less than stellar in-room WiFi and technology-enabled front desk service.

But with every security update and every new operating system upgrade, you’re discovering that it takes a lot of work and expertise to keep your property’s IT systems running acceptably. The magnitude of the work involved in IT maintenance is only compounded as your organization adds more properties and integrates them into a collaborative, efficient system.

Your employees just aren’t equipped to handle this high-level IT management, and you’ve discovered that hiring an internal IT person can be very costly.

What you need is a leading IT services provider that you can put to work maintaining your technology as an outsourced IT partner. Which leads you to the question,

“Where can you find hotel computer support in Utah and Idaho?”

The answer to this critical question is simple — contact the SymTec team.

What Technologies Should Idaho And Utah Hotels Be Offering Their Guests?

When guests choose your hotel, they aren’t just looking for a place to lay their heads for a night.  Today’s social, holiday, and business travellers are looking for a place that provides them with an experience.

Marketing and online booking platforms can go along way to securing you clients based on promises and competitive pricing. But if your guest’s actual stay at your hotel doesn’t deliver all that your slick promotion promises, you’ll not be earning favorable reviews or repeat business.

If you’re going to be competitive, your technology-based services have to “knock it out of the park.”

Here is a list of some of the things your guests are looking for from their stay at your hotel:

  • Easy online booking options

Did you realize that your web presence is the first portal through which your potential guest assesses you? If your website is slow or dated or even lacks decent functionality, you have already left your guest with a poor taste in his mouth, and he hasn’t yet placed one foot in your lobby.  A poorly designed or badly functioning web presence can cost you.

A leading IT support firm providing hotel computer support in Utah and Idaho can direct you in revamping your website, making it a user-friendly experience that highlights the best your hotel has to offer.

  • Support for WiFi

As we have noted earlier, your employees aren’t technology experts. You have hired them because they are great at their jobs of administration, housekeeping, or customer relations. But with so much riding on the function of your in-room WiFi and so many different guest devices logging onto the system, you need experts on call. SymTec offers in-room guest WiFi support to ensure that your guests have the IT help they need in connecting to the internet.

People don’t want to feel like they are merely a number.  Personalizing your services – including technology-integrated services – to address customers by their names and to target their specific interests – allows them to feel valued and cared for by your hotel.

Collecting, using, and storing critical data to help improve your customers’ overall experience with your hotel is vital to their overall experience at your property. Best of all, should your guests choose to stay with you again, this data collection and storage makes it even simpler for return guests to book future stays and for you to tailor the guest’s experience on your property to their individual needs, interests, and taste.

Access to top-notch internet-based services

Let’s face it…security also plays a critical role.  Your computer systems house your guests’ credit card information and pertinent identification details. Your guests need the peace of mind that their data is safe with your company and that they are secure while using your in-house WiFi. One of the most critical services a hotel computer support partner in Utah and Idaho provides is proactive cybersecurity solutions.  A company like SymTec provides important safeguards to ensure that your guests’ data is not compromised.

What does the SymTec team do to make your property run more efficiently?

From the front desk to the electronic access authorization for the back door, SymTec has you covered. For an easily budgeted monthly fee, we operate as your in-house Chief Information Officer – ensuring that everything works as it should and is optimized for ease of use and customer experience. We support everything you use every day.

  • Front office reservation applications and Office 365
  • Internal Networks
  • Office WiFi and Guest WiFi
  • Mobile devices – tablets and smartphones
  • Authorized access systems
  • Smart room technology – remotely controlled lights and environmental controls

Because the SymTec team knows what it takes to deliver computer support to hotels in Utah and Idaho we offer these outstanding services and more.

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