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Fundamental Risk Protections


Once these fundamental risk protections are in place you are ready for customized risk management:

Pre – MyITRisk Information Call (Cost: Free)

  • 15 minute call on something you know you want to implement
  • or 15 minute introduction of a risk plan
  • Fill out survey of your companies landscape

Planning – Schedule a Business Review with MyITRisk (Cost: $300)

  • Review your landscape
  • Recommend needed Risk projects
  • Identify your industry security profile
  • Review Compromised employee accounts
  • Inventory of all your devices and computers

Implementation – Implement IT Risk Projects (Cost: Quote)

  • IT Risk Project Road Map: with Project estimates and prioritized implementation
    1. Conduct an in-depth audit
    2. Identify acceptable risk
    3. Develop your IT Risk Plan
    4. Decide how much to do on your own
  • Finance: Insurance, upgrades, budget, vendor negotiation
  • Acceptable Practices: Acceptable device use, data retention, financial controls
  • Access Management: Password, privileges, 2-factor authentication
  • User Behavior Education: Phishing training, phishing testing, user risk assessment
  • Network and System Vulnerabilities: Vulnerability risk assessment, 3rd party providers
  • Disaster Recovery: Backup restore process, cryptolock recovery, breach response
  • IT Management: Service requests, documentation, access controls, remote access
  • Vendor Management: Roles and responsibilities defined, contacts, access, Service Level Agreement (SLA), risks
  • Security Partner Recommendations: Intrusion detection solutions, limiting impact of attacks, partners, detection, penetration tests, introduction meeting. We can recommend a conversation with one of our cybersecurity partners who can provide this highest protection.