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Fully-Managed Information Technology Services

Who can you trust for the most reliable, professional and trustworthy computer services, network management, and managed IT services in St. George, Cedar City, and Idaho Falls?

SymTec is one of the area’s top computer services, network management, and IT support companies in Southern Utah and Idaho.

However, we are not limited to just taking care of businesses in St. George, Cedar City, or Idaho Falls. From our company headquarters in Cedar City and our branch location in Idaho Falls, SymTec is able to oversee the IT systems for automobile dealerships, dental offices, accounting firms, and small/midsize businesses across the Western United States.

SymTec Has A Different Mindset

If you scour the Internet looking for a Managed IT Services company, you will quickly come to the conclusion that there is nothing different with any of these companies. Many of them say the exact same thing as the other. They’ll monitor your network, patch your systems, offer some sort of cybersecurity solutions and even backup your data, but ask yourself this question – what really makes them different?

You will quickly realize that there is nothing different with any of these Managed IT Services companies.

SymTec is different.

Sure, SymTec offers many of the same systems other Managed IT Services and computer support companies offer. Yes, we’ll monitor your network and patch your systems. We also work with Datto, like many of the other companies out there, and we make sure our clients’ data and networks are secure from cyber threats.

What makes SymTec different?

Yes, our people are awesome, and everyone else will say the exact same thing about their people. Our team is certified and qualified on the top Information Technology solutions available to business today, and while that list is smaller, companies still state this claim as well.

SymTec’s difference is…

We only offer services, and we don’t sell any hardware or software. Our team would rather sit down with you and understand your unique needs and then come up with the good, the better, and the best scenario and work with you to design, purchase, and then implement those solutions.

SymTec is not influenced by what our vendors tell us to say. We don’t get any kickbacks because we sold you this particular server or these workstations. We refer and recommend IT solutions to you because we know they work. It doesn’t matter to us if you can get a network cable at or buy a PC from directly. As long as it meets the needs of your business, we say “go for it.”

This is what makes SymTec different. We are your outsourced IT department, truly looking out for your best interests and not influenced by other factors.

What Services Does SymTec Offer To Our Clients?

SymTec is your outsourced IT department. Think of it this way – if you hired a team of IT professionals to work solely for your business, what would you expect them to do? This is how SymTec works. We are your IT department, your network manager, your IT coordinator, and even your Chief Information Officer.

SymTec provides the following services:

  • Network Management, Patching, Monitoring and Security
  • Help Desk Services
  • Onsite and Remote Support
  • Network Security including Wireless Networks and Internet Access
  • Email Management, Archiving, and Security
  • Cybersecurity Services, Email Encryption, and Data Protection
  • Cloud Services, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Cloud, and Others
  • Strategic IT Advice, IT Consulting, and IT Management

This list can go on forever!

Reboot Your IT Management With SymTec

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