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How can I be sure service quality will remain high?

We do not do long term contracts, and after the initial 12 months all services are month to month.    We have a strong team of 16 members and established processes to Document your site,  match tech abilities to your need, and established service level expectations based on impact and urgency.

How do I get a hold of a technician when I need help?

We make ourselves available on chat support for immediate assistance during business hours. We have a 24/7 support phone line, and the ability to submit tickets from your desktop, email, and cell phone by SMS.

I am not in Utah or Idaho, can you still help me?

We have many clients across the country. We understand the remote nature of business, as well as have clients with multiple locations in various states. Most of our services can be provided remotely or with occasional scheduled visits to you.

What size businesses do you support?

We can support businesses with as few as 10 and as many as 1000 devices. We can provide both full service solutions or supplemental/joint service solutions. We very much enjoy working with your current staff, team, and even other providers to help complete the entire picture you need for your business IT needs.

What disruptions will I experience transitioning away from my current IT provider?

Setting up our monitoring and remote access to each computer is roughly a 5 minute disruption per user. Site documentation, security reviews, device updates, and password changes can take a little longer but can all be done with little or no additional downtime to your business. Users will receive emails that teach them how to get the most out of our services over the first 2 weeks of services that take about 60 seconds each day to review.

Is it expensive to hire a Managed Service Provider?

Most companies actually save money, managed IT services scales perfectly to your exact need, so you are not paying for support time you don’t need. Expertise from working with hundreds of clients also enables us to recommend the right solutions that works well for other clients, and keeps our techs up to date with the latest IT changes and solutions. Our team consists of varying levels of technicians which means you do not have to hire the highest level of help for common issues, but you always have access to the top techs when issues require escalation.

Is a Managed Service Provider right for me?

  • Concerned about cybersecurity risks
  • IT is hard to manage and seems to always accumulate unpredicted costs
  • Frustrated by outages and downtime
  • Slow systems cause frustrated employees and low efficiencies

A managed service provider (MSP) provides end-to-end IT services. With an MSP partner, your entire IT environment is handled from one trusted resource.

What does it take to transition?

Big changes like a full transition can be daunting…  Communication is Key!  Your success is dependent upon a smooth process, which is why we dedicate a team of knowledgeable technicians to the transition.  We build a structured process along with the main contact from your team to eliminate the burden from your shoulders.

  • Information Gathering
  • Agreed upon plan
  • Execute Plan
  • Follow up

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