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Is This Every Dentist’s Dream IT Service? Are You In On The Secret?

Dentists are busy taking care of patients – but who takes care of the dentist? We can let you in on the biggest secret in IT services for dentists!

Patients don’t tend to think of medical providers as C-level executives or business owners, because patients are seeking preventive care or treatment for an ailment. The reality is that dentists are these service providers are either single proprietors or partners in a small business ownership – and this includes practitioners in a corporate medical practice. A dentist needs an active patient base to stay in business. It may seem like common sense, but there is more to a practice than the people making up this patient base.

The typical dental practice will employ, at the very least, dental hygienists and administrative staff who manage the day-to-day operations of the office like:

  • Scheduling appointments for patients
  • Processing insurance payments
  • Patient billing
  • Behind-the-scenes needs like utility bills
  • Staff payroll
  • Office inventory, like waiting room and exam room furniture or radiography film

All of these are fundamentals of practice operations, and having the right systems and processes in place make all the difference. If the payroll isn’t processed properly, staff doesn’t get paid. If the insurance claims aren’t filed, the practice doesn’t get paid from the insurance companies, therefore there’s not enough in the bank to pay any of the bills, including payroll.

What cuts into the bank account balance the most? Inefficiency! Slow and sluggish technology or outdated equipment or software are a major hindrance to efficiency. Time is money! So, how can dentists make sure to protect their time, their practice, and their livelihood? Talk to the experts! If you’re in Utah or Idaho, the experts are at SymTec.

SymTec’s team of specialists can’t help make patients more comfortable in the waiting room or the exam chair – but SymTec’s team of experts can certainly make every other part of the patient experience painless with managed IT services for dentists.

From general dentistry to specialists, the right technology is key to a successful practice. Technology is designed to simplify our lives, and the fundamental processes of a dentistry practice rely on technology for smooth operations. Just like having the best software applications is critical for this, working with the right managed IT services for dentists is a must.

  • What are managed IT services? When a dentist strategically outsources responsibilities, the ideal results cut expenses, increase efficiency, and improve operations. Customers – in this case, the dentist – subscribe to a set of services with a managed service provider under a service level agreement (SLA), which is essentially a contract that defines the scope of the services covered.

Managed IT services can cover every element of a dental practice, from servers to software to printers – and more! When a dentist works with a managed IT services provider like SymTec, the dentist gets the peace of mind knowing that office technology is in good hands and the IT department is omnipresent, all for a low monthly cost compared to handling everything internally.

In the case of SymTec, managed services that are provided include:

  • Improved Network Performance and Security
  • Non-stop Network Monitoring
  • On-site & Remote Support
  • Off-site Backup Solutions
  • Managed Anti-Virus & Web Filtering
  • Compliance & Security Regulations Consulting
  • Hardware & Software Procurement
  • Quarterly Technology Reviews
  • Access to Expert Resources

One major benefit to dentists working with a managed IT services provider is HIPAA and HITECH compliance as a result of a thorough technical review and routine compliance checks.

HIPAA reviews include:

  • On-site Analysis of Current Policies & Systems
  • Thorough Reporting of Determinations
  • Implementation Plan for Compliance Guarantee
  • Audits for All Complete Care Clients

SymTec has the added advantage of expertise in dental practice management software, including industry darlings like:

  • Dentrix
    • Promises to deliver profitability, efficiency, and productivity for a practice.
  • Eaglesoft
    • Promises practice management and charting software as a package, with billing, scheduling, treatment planning, and much more.
  • PracticeWorks
  • A variety of imaging and modeling software

Comprehensive software solutions like these incorporate patient records with all areas of a practice in one neat and centralized location, to simplify the process.

As stated above, dentists aren’t just medical providers, but also small business owners, needing to market their services and their brand to grow their practice and attract patients. With emerging branches of dentistry, like the wildly popular and profitable teeth whitening process and cosmetic dentistry, dentists are gaining new channels to further develop their patient base each day, but these require sophisticated software applications.

As more dental practices look to modernize, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency and profitability, more providers are looking to the cloud for data storage options for electronic health records (EHR). Cloud storage is flexible and can be increased or decreased as needed, and reputable cloud storage service providers can guarantee the safety of their data, which all patients appreciate!

Data security is pretty critical these days. We can help you safeguard your patient records and personal information and help you ensure your network is secure and prevent cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The goal is to protect every level of the practice whether a server or a workstation, from malicious software – malware – and prevent the practice from being hacked.

If you’re a dentist in Utah or Idaho, call SymTec today and be impressed! We can protect everything from your hardware, your software, your network, and everything in between for all your managed IT services needs!

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