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Proudly Providing St. George, Cedar City, And Idaho Falls With Dependable Computer Services

Are You Looking for Dependable Computer Services in St. George, Cedar City, or Idaho Falls?

SymTec is the IT support team supporting automobile dealerships, dental offices, accounting firms, and small/midsize businesses across the western USA.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer IT consulting that is uncompromised by allegiance to or financial incentives from specific hardware and software solution developers. Because of this, SymTec staff provides independent advice that is in the best interest of your company.

SymTec Offers High-Level IT Solutions to Increase the Efficiency of Your St. George, Cedar City, or Idaho Falls Company.

  • Email Management, Archiving, and Security

SymTec will protect your email and organize your email inbox flow for optimal efficiency and productivity. Our Email Management, Archiving, and Security service saves you time, enables your legislative compliance, and helps your employees by keeping junk mail, admail, and other suspicious emails out of their inbox.

  • Cybersecurity Services, Email Encryption, and Data Protection

SymTec will ensure that industry-standard security protocols are in place to protect your investment, your employee’s jobs, and your company’s reputation. Each cybersecurity element will be monitored in real time – allowing us to spot and deal with issues before they become problems that affect your productivity.

  • Cloud Services, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Cloud

SymTec will help you take advantage of the cost savings, flexibility, and mobile productivity provided by cloud-based solutions. Because we are not financially tied to any solution provider, we can explore the options for you and advise you as to the good, better, and best options for your needs.

  • Strategic IT Advice, IT Consulting, and IT Management

SymTec will provide executive-level, unbiased advice. Technology has an impact on the options that you are considering. We deliver IT consulting that makes the most of your current technology and sets your business up for success in your pro-growth objectives.

  • Network Management, Patching, Monitoring and Security

SymTec will continuously care for the ongoing maintenance requirements of your IT environment. We implement the needed patches, updates and upgrades while monitoring your systems in real time for any security anomalies.

  • Help Desk Services

SymTec employees will be available to answer your employee’s questions and address any IT issues that may arise. You will find our Help Desk technicians to be prompt, personable, and helpful.

  • Onsite and Remote Support

SymTec will be your complete IT support provider. If we can solve an issue remotely, without interrupting your office, we will do so. However, if an item requires us to make an onsite visit, we will not hesitate to come to you and deal quickly with the problem – getting you back to work.

SymTec’s IT technicians live, work, and play in the communities of Cedar City, St. George, and Idaho Falls.

SymTec is committed to our communities. We don’t use offshore IT support call centers. All of our service to our clients is delivered by our in-house IT support professionals right here in Idaho and Utah.

Our determination to give our clients IT support that is based here in the western USA provides significant advantages to our clients.

  • We understand the economy and business dynamics of Cedar City, St. George, and Idaho Falls.
  • We sincerely want our clients to succeed, because they are our neighbors and friends.
  • We show up and explain IT options and problems in plain English.

SymTec brings real-world business benefits to your Cedar City, St. George, and Idaho Falls company.

SymTec IT professionals have years of experience that they leverage for companies across Utah and Idaho. Business leaders have learned that SymTec can be trusted for independent IT advice. We ensure that your IT environment stays running by implementing updates and patches automatically while we monitor your systems for anything that could cause slowdowns or downtime.

SymTec provides a single point of contact for your staff. We answer their questions and address any issues that they are facing. Our high availability to your team results in higher productivity and fewer downtime concerns.

SymTec technicians work diligently to ensure that your IT systems are optimized to support the goals and objectives of your business in Utah or Idaho.

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