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Dentrix Practice Management Software (Reviews/Ratings)

Dentrix leads the market because it provides for both the business and clinical side of your practice. It will help you build your dental business with integrated services, capabilities and products from top dental technology companies.

With Dentrix you can run all of your departments and system operations from one comprehensive and easy-to-use platform. It provides most every function required to operate a dental practice.

Dentrix offers tools to help you manage all areas of your practice. It utilizes technology through integrated services and mobile solutions. Users find that it’s straightforward to use, that charting for treatment planning is efficient, and scheduling is clear and customizable.

Dentrix includes the following features:

  • Appointment Management
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Claims Management
  • Clinical Charting
  • Patient Account Management
  • Patient Billing
  • Patient Records Management
  • Treatment Planning

Appointment Management

Dentrix features some tools to make scheduling patients’ appointments hassle-free. With a few clicks, you can set and track appointments and find upcoming available time slots and more. Use it to automatically assign a length of time for each appointment based on the procedures you select. If necessary, change the length of the appointment.

Appointment Reminders

Remind patients about upcoming appointments by sending quick text messages. Dentrix’s eCentral lets you set and send automatic text message appointment reminders. And it provides a two-way SMS feature so that patients can respond to your messages.

The status of appointments is automatically updated in the Dentrix Appointment Book. You can see at-a-glance which patients have confirmed their appointments, and which require an outgoing confirmation call. Plus, you can send forms for patients to fill out online before their visit and import them into Dentrix to keep them on file.

Claims Management

Dentrix eClaims™ accelerates the insurance claims process so you can get paid faster. It’s the only electronic claim service that’s incorporated into your Dentrix software. You don’t need to use third-party software which minimizes time and effort.

It helps you create insurance claims, validate them, and send them to your payors. Because the process only takes a few minutes, it reduces the time for your reimbursements from weeks to days. You can even attach digital x-rays and periodontal charts and photographs to support your claims.

Clinical Charting

Dentrix makes clinical charting easy and efficient. You can create a detailed, thorough, accurate history of patient care using clinical notes, prescriptions records, and the new G7 Health History module. You’ll benefit from other modules like the Perio Chart and Lab Case Manager that help you create a more comprehensive clinical record.

Dentrix Smart Image connects your clinical and financial process into one efficient workflow. Smart Image automatically associates a patient’s digital images with the correct CDT codes for accurate billing and displays them in the patient chart. You can access your patients’ 2D and 3D images without leaving Dentrix.

Patient Account Management

When you know more about your patient accounts, you can make better business decisions.

You have this ability with Dentrix. It applies a label to each account with a billing type. This way you can identify the situation of each account and collect payments more effectively. These billing types will help your administrative staff stay on the same page.

Patient Billing

Dentrix helps you keep your accounts up-to-date and get paid quickly. Insurance billing and collections tools help you accelerate payment collection from patients and their insurance carriers. The software helps you manage credit and debit card payments, easily create and send billing statements, and streamline electronic claim submissions.

Patient Records Management

Dentrix Clinical Progress lets you make automatic entries to save time when creating your progress notes. Complete all your patient information, conditions, treatments plans, completed procedures, exams, tooth histories and more so they are displayed in one, easy-to-access place in a patient’s chart. There’s a checkbox menu that lets you choose the notes you want to view, and you can filter them by date or the type of entry. This makes locating notes quick and easy.

Treatment Planning

Treatment Plans play an important part in generating and sustaining revenue for your practice. The Dentrix Treatment Planner helps you present easy-to-understand treatment options to your patients. You can input your patients’ treatments and set up additional cases and visits using the navigation panel. You can also group procedures in the treatment plan by visit or by the case for easy viewing.


Dentists typically give Dentrix between a 4- and 5-star rating. Most say that it’s easy to use and give it very positive reviews. However, some say that there’s so much functionality that it can be overwhelming.

If you need a very reliable and stable system to run your practice, you should consider Dentrix Practice Management software. As a trusted IT consultant for dentists, we can help you ask the right questions and find the IT solutions that work best for your practice in Southern Utah or Idaho. Contact SymTec for more information.

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