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Delivering IT Consulting and IT Support to a New Dentistry Client in Cedar City, UT

The call came in late in the afternoon on a Wednesday, a friend of one of our employees was looking for some help with connecting two dentistry offices so they could use the same software, files, and databases.

He knew that a VPN setup was the best route to go with his particular issue, but he needed some IT consulting to point him in the right direction and implementation of the proper VPN setup once a decision was made.

Of course, we were happy to help.

So the next day we visited him at his office and asked a lot of questions to give us an idea of what his goals were for a VPN implementation, what he had in place currently, and what he saw as his business growth trajectory over the next three years.

After evaluating his answers, we recommended the implementation of a SonicWALL Soho Wireless Firewall for the VPN at each location.

The most important part of this VPN implementation would be the speed at which data would pass through the firewall. SonicWALL Soho Wireless Firewall provides 170 MB throughput of encrypted data.

The next thing we looked at for our new Cedar City dentistry client was the computers his employees at the two locations were currently using. One location had about three computers; the other had eight. If the VPN was going to provide the greatest efficiency and collaboration between locations, each computer would have to be configured for this new connectivity strategy.

So, that is exactly what we did.

On Friday of that week, we sent a team to each of the dentistry offices. The SymTec technicians worked behind the scenes at each location to set up the SonicWall Soho Wireless Firewalls and to configure the office computers. We were careful in this process not to interrupt the operation of the offices or to keep his employees from the work they had to get accomplished.

With some systems checks, everything was ready for our client’s employees to use their new VPN system on Monday morning. We were there an hour before the dental offices opened their doors for the day to ensure that everything was working correctly and that his staff had a firm grasp on how to use the VPN technology.

The staff was excited about the potential to avoid the duplications, added manual entry work, and errors that had been a problem with their earlier dual location arrangement. Now, each location could access the same applications and information to deliver a seamless customer experience and to streamline company processes.

It’s been three months now since the VPN implementation at those dental offices and all is working well.

So well in fact, that our dentist friend has chosen to engage the SymTec team as their permanent IT support team!

Wonder What SymTec Can Do For Your Dentistry Practice?

You already know how much dental technology has advanced. Every conference you attend or continuing education course you take seems to include some new application or technology-enhanced instrumentation. It’s the direction that dentistry is going.


Because dentists, like you, want their staff to be more efficient so they can see more patients in a day and have better patient outcomes.

But it’s not just about the patient’s well-being, is it?

It’s also about the right work/life balance for you and your employees. Sure, you want to work and move your dentistry business forward, but you also want to have time to enjoy family, friends, and leisure.

The right technology selection, implementation, and management help you achieve these goals.

The Symtec team works diligently to ensure that your IT systems are at their most effective to support your productivity and patient care.

Some of our current dental practice clients include:

  • General Dentistry
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial

The SymTec Team Takes A Holistic Approach To Dental IT Support!

We decided long ago that we weren’t going to be a typical computer-fix-it company. As a result, we have purposely set up a business model that puts our clients and their businesses first. It’s called Managed IT Services.

Instead of waiting for your systems to break down and rushing to fix things and bill you, we maintain and monitor dental office systems continuously to ensure that they are compliant with legislation, secure, and efficient. This model of constant care allows our clients to enjoy near-zero downtime and higher process efficiency.

We deliver our Managed IT Services offering in return for a simple, fixed-cost monthly fee. This subscription model is perfect for dental offices that do not have time to deal with the hassles and headaches of technology slowdowns and breakdowns.

Our services to dental offices throughout Cedar City, St George, and Idaho Falls include:

What Do Our Clients Say About The IT Support Provided By SymTec?

“It is great to have a tech department that treats me like a valued client!” – Jesse Robinson

“These guys are fantastic!” – Mckayl Ruesch

“I wish I could give these guys a 6th star.” – Noah Evans

As you can see, we build happy, long-term relationships with our clients that make them ambassadors for the IT services that we provide.

We would be thrilled to talk with you about the IT support needs of your dental practice. Just pick up the phone and give us a call.

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