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Did You Know A Reliable IT Partner Can Boost Profitability for Your Dental Practice?

A Reliable IT Partner Can Boost Profitability for Your Dental Practice

Is your dental office missing out on opportunities for additional profit? Updating your tech might be a simple solution for improving revenue and patient experience.  

Think about it: wouldn’t it be amazing if your dental office staff were able to focus on efficiently managing operations and the flow of patients through your practice instead of dealing with slow networks, unwieldy processes and technological roadblocks around every corner? Technology should be enabling your business to be successful, by providing a secure and seamless infrastructure so your business just runs. Unfortunately, the reality is often quite different and can leave you wondering if there’s any end to the problems that you encounter. Working with a trusted, reliable IT partner can make all the difference and open up a new world of profitability for your practice.

Does Your Dental Practice Need Proactive Tech Support?

When you have office administrators adding “IT help desk” to their job title as a joke, it might be time to make a change. With the strict compliance requirements of HIPAA and PCI compliance for accepting payments and managing personal information, the security of your office technology is more important than ever before. Working with a proactive tech support partner provides you with the confidence of knowing that your systems are being managed by professionals so you can focus on your patients.

Is Your Technology Service Provider Also a Reseller?

While there are some perceived benefits to working with a technical services provider that is also able to sell hardware and software to you directly, the reality might be a bit different. IT services team that directly sell solutions might be swayed in their recommendations for a particular platform by discounts or reseller promotions. At SymTech, we ensure that the only consideration is the needs of your business. That doesn’t mean we can’t help support you as you work through decisions, and we are happy to leverage our direct and non-competitive relationships with large technology vendors to ensure that you receive the best possible price. Here are a few of the hardware and software solutions we regularly support:

  • Microsoft Office 365, Azure cloud solutions, Microsoft Dynamics, Server Solutions as well as desktop solutions from Microsoft
  • Cisco switches, firewalls, advanced networking and Cisco Collaboration solutions
  • Secure remote networks from Citrix
  • Impressive business continuity solutions from Datto

Which IT Services Do You Offer for My Dental Practice?

Not all dental offices are the same, so we offer a range of solutions that can help cover your unique needs. They include:

  • Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Cloud and Azure
  • Remote and onsite Help Desk support services
  • Wireless and wired network management and security
  • Software patching
  • Active cybersecurity monitoring
  • Strategic IT consulting and advice
  • Data protection
  • Antivirus and anti-malware support
  • Firewalls and more

This list of services is only the beginning, but what we truly offer is a peace of mind. You can trust that our IT services professionals are focused on applying our best practice procedures and expertise to define a custom solution set that meets your needs.

When you’re ready for straight talk about how to ensure that your dental office has the right technology infrastructure, contact the dental technology professionals at SymTech at 435-817-9471 to request your free initial consultation. We are familiar with the software required to run dental practices and can work with organizations of all sizes in any major American city. Our solutions are always 100% focused on the needs of your dental office, giving you the space that you need to focus on growing your practice.

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