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Is There A Company With Expertise In Dental IT (Questions/Answers)

Is There A Company With Expertise In Dental IT That Can Help With Our Office Move?

If you’re like other dentists in Utah and Idaho, you rely on your technology more than you ever have before. But it’s hard to find companies with an expertise in Dental IT.  This is what one of our newest clients found out.  They were looking for Dental IT Specialists to help them set up their new office. They were referred to Symtec, and we had them up and running faster and easier than they had expected.

It’s hard enough to move to a new area and relocate all your business technology.  But when you have IT special needs as dental practices do, you can’t rely on just any tech.

Dental practices have undergone dental technology and material advances that are simply mind-boggling. One of these changes is the ability to deliver same-day dentistry through CAD/CAM technology.

CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. Years ago, dentists had to send their work off to labs. But with this ground-breaking technology and software, they can complete an assessment and provide the dental work all in the same day. This has been a big boost to dental practices. It saves them time and money, and it provides the service their patients deserve.

But setting up and getting all the technology in place, along with ensuring your CAD/CAM solution works properly can be overwhelming for most any tech.  Symtec has this expertise and handles relocation, as well as Managed IT Services for dental practices in St. George, Cedar City, Idaho Falls, and surrounding areas.

What Does An IT Company Like Symtec With Dental Expertise Provide?

A company like Symtec can act as your IT and practice management partner. In addition to your practice management technology, our Dental IT specialists can maintain, diagnose, repair, design, and implement your dental and office technology.

For one fixed monthly fee you’ll have:

  • Unlimited, 24/7 Remote Support, so your IT issues are resolved quickly to keep your operations running smoothly.  With a busy practice and patients who depend on you for fast, effective service, you deserve the same from your Help Desk Services. You’ll have 24/7 Live Support and speedy service from IT professionals who are experienced in the dental software and technology you use.
  • Unlimited Onsite IT Support from technicians with experience in HIPAA and PCI compliance. To securely process your patients’ cardholder information, your practice must meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. This means that you also must retain an audit-trail history. With PCI-Compliance Audits you’ll have the peace of mind that your system meets these standards.  The HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule states that all covered entities and their business associates must comply with HIPAA. This means your IT company must also comply with HIPAA – Symtec does.
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing so you can comply with HIPAA and PCI regulations. HIPAA, HITECH, and other government regulations are forcing dental practices like yours to rethink how they store and share PHI.  Symtec can take care of this for you so you can concentrate on your patients.
  • A Reliable Backup & Recovery Solution. As you know HIPAA requires that dental practices must ensure retrievable, exact copies of electronic PHI.  If not, you may face costly fines. Your PHI will be encrypted, stored securely, and backed up with a reliable enterprise cloud-based data-backup solution, so you know that your data is always secure and quickly recoverable.
  • Proactive IT Management to keep your technology up to date, secure, and reliable. With 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management, cyber attacks will be blocked and any issues remediated before you even know they exist.  And Mobile Device Monitoring will keep track of your data and wipe it clean from mobile devices that are lost or stolen.
  • Support from dental IT professionals who will also remove any security vulnerabilities they find in your IT processes, applications, and hardware to keep hackers and computer viruses out. They can do this remotely without interfering with your workflow. This includes email security. Your emails will be kept private, both when in storage and transmission. This includes what you send and receive using mobile devices.
  • Cloud Consulting Services to save you money, time and increase productivity with secure real-time collaboration for your team. You pay for services on a monthly basis depending on how many of your employees use these services.  Your authorized employees can view, edit, and share files in real time without the worry about data security or file size limitations.

Dental IT Service and Support From Symtec Also Includes:

  • Integrating your dental software and technology into your IT network.
  • Assistance with your Appointment Scheduling Software.
  • Virtual CIO Services to help you expand your current practice and establish new ones as you grow.

Whether you’re relocating or you’re staying where you are, you need a Dental IT team that understands the technologies you use and how they operate. Symtec specializes in Service and Support for Dental Practices. Not many techs in our vicinity do, so we’re glad you found us.

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