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Could Your Cedar City, Idaho Falls, or St. George Dental Office Use an IT Makeover?

Dental technology can be challenging…

No sooner do you get your IT set up and running, and something breaks.

Or there’s time-consuming updates, upgrades, or patches that need to be installed.

You feel like a school teacher keeping track of a mob of children on the playground.

You just don’t have the time for it all.

And the break/fix bills from your computer-fix-it guy are getting pretty expensive.

It’s time for a change.

After all…

You’re a dentist, not an IT guy! 

It’s hard enough to keep up with the changes in your own field.

Let us source, implement and care for the technology you need to keep your business on target.

The SymTec team knows dental IT.  We “get” how important it is to keep your patients’ information confidential and secure.  We take security very seriously and make it our mission to discover the vulnerabilities in your systems and apply the appropriate solutions to eliminate them.

Because we become your in-house IT department,  we don’t apply cookie cutter solutions. Every dental practice has unique needs. We will customize an IT services plan that is specific to you and your individual requirements.

You give the best to your patients.  And we want to provide you with the best IT tools for your practice as well.  We will assist you in meeting compliance standards while delivering IT care that results in efficiency and staff productivity.

What can partnering with SymTec provide for your dental practice?

  • Proactive IT Monitoring, Assessment, and Strategy
  • Customized IT Support Plans
  • Cost-Effective, Budget-Friendly Support
  • Hardware and Software Procurement
  • Comprehensive Security including Backup and Recovery
  • HIPAA Compliance Help
  • In-House IT Support Staff

Free your time from the demands of technology management and maintenance!

The SymTec team is just a phone call away, and we’re ready to work for you.

Contact us at {phone} or {email} now to find out what SymTec can do for your Cedar City, Idaho Falls, or St George dental practice.