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SymTec And Datto Protect Against Cryptlocker

The SymTec team equipped business with Datto Backup Technology just before they got hit with a cryptolocker virus – read on to find out what happened.

Cryptolocker has been a favorite weapon among cybercriminals for years now.

This variety of ransomware works by encrypting a victim’s files (making them unreadable) and only offering the key to recover the data after a ransom has been paid.

If a business gets hit with cryptolocker, generally they’ll be forced to pay the ransom and hope they’ll be given access to their files again.

That is unless they have a viable data backup…

Enter SymTec and Datto

Just recently, a local business and potential client requested that we set them up with a Datto solution.

Datto is an industry leader in backup and business continuity thanks to their near decade of experience and comprehensive expertise in the field. Many — including the SymTec team — consider their systems to be the next generation backup systems.

The foundation of the majority of Datto’s solutions is the physical hardware appliance. In most cases this appliance continuously takes snapshots of all servers (Windows/Mac/Linux) and maintains efficiency because it only synchronizes data that has changed since the last snapshot, therefore reducing the overall impact on the servers in question.

After checking the images for consistency, the Datto appliance uploads them to a data center on each coast. Once per night, the appliance mounts the images and runs them as a VM – checking to make sure they boot correctly, as an automated backup integrity test. Should the images fail to boot, alerts are issued system-wide.

We do not hesitate to recommend Datto for nearly all typical business data protection needs. Recoverability is a focus with Datto, and you will get the systems back up and running in the event of an outage.

What Happened Next?

Once we had gotten the Datto solution up and running, we went on our way.

Two days later, we got a call from the same business:


It was cryptolocker. Somehow, the malware had made it onto their network, encrypted all their data, and demanded a ransom.

Fortunately for this business, they already had a viable data backup solution in place – Datto.

Thanks to SymTec and Datto, the business didn’t have to pay any ransom, didn’t lose any data, and suffered no productivity loss. All of their data was safely stored and easily accessible to replace their encrypted local data.

Once the restoration process had been started, it was only a couple of days until everything was returned to normal. They were back to business as usual by the time everyone showed up for work Monday morning.

Don’t Hesitate To Invest In Your Cybersecurity

This business chose to get in touch with us and implement a proven data backup solution just in time – but what about you?

If you’re dragging your feet about cybersecurity, how can you be sure you aren’t a day or two away from being hit by cryptolocker as well?

Don’t wait any longer to take cybersecurity seriously – get in touch with SymTec at {phone} or {email} to learn more.

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